How to issue a Brent from Absher… 3 steps to benefit from the developed My Data service

The Absher platform continues to provide services to beneficiaries of citizens and residents registered in Absher, as the platform provides many services, including the developed My Data service, which allows the possibility of printing a print of citizen data from Absher.

Brent from Absher

The Absher platform revealed the details of the upgraded My Data service, which is a service that enables the beneficiary to issue and print a citizen data document according to the specific sector, with the possibility of sectors verifying the validity of the data.

To be able to implement the service through Absher and obtain a data print, you must follow the following steps:

1 Log in to Absher from here and choose: Services from the My Services tab.

2 Choice: Civil Status.

3 Choice: My Developed Data Service.

Print citizen data

The data is printed in Absher, one of the services provided to citizens and residents, and can be obtained electronically.

The My Data service provides the possibility of delegating the citizen to any government sector in which the service has been applied to receive visitors. By reviewing his data declared by the Civil Status Department.

After that, the authorized sector will review the declared data and complete the necessary procedures for the citizen without bringing a copy of the civil status certificate, as the service has been implemented in a number of government sectors (it will be added in the list of sectors) and work is underway on the rest of the sectors.

Preach good news

The Absher platform has specified the steps to update the mobile number in Absher, if the previous number is available, by entering the digital ID via the link from Absher here, and following the following steps:

You can also update the mobile number in Absher by visiting the self-service machines or the registration and activation staff to update the mobile number from here.

Update Absher mobile number data

Beneficiaries can update their mobile number in Absher via mobile, through the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Absher platform from here.

  2. Choose user information.

  3. Enter the required information and the new mobile number.

  4. Choose Save.

  5. Enter the new mobile number verification code.

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