How did the audience react to the story of the separation of Hana El Zahid and Ahmed Fahmy?

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

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The news of the actress Hana El Zahed’s separation from her husband, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, sparked interaction during the past few hours on various social networking sites, after a marriage that lasted between them for 4 years.

Hana Al-Zahid officially announced the news of the separation via the short stories feature on Instagram, and commented: “Praise be to God, the official separation between me and Ahmed took place after 4 years. It is permissible and may God write goodness to each one of us.”

The audience’s comments on the story of the separation of Hana El-Zahed and Ahmed Fahmy were as follows: “May God make them happy. They loved each other, especially here, where she was dying.” “The marriage of actors has been known since the days of black and white and does not continue.” “Everything is divided and shared.” “It’s all from his brother’s times.” “, “She was separated, but I didn’t say that Ahmed’s series was a success,” “What a shame, they were cute together, but let’s share.”

Among other comments also: “I can’t believe it, I swear.. You don’t deserve it here, by God, may God grant them goodness for Ahmed and here I love them both, I swear,” “I thought they were happy with each other,” “It is clear that the reason is the children. It is clear that Ahmed does not have children and all his marriages did not work.” He has children from them,” “By God, I was sad for them,” “They were so sweet together,” “I was really sad.”

It is noteworthy that the recent period witnessed the emergence of the divorce rumor of Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Al-Zahed more than once, before and after the release of their film “Mister X”, which is the last work that brought them together.

“Mr. , Ibrahim Fayek, Amr Youssef, Reem Mostafa, Amir Shaheen, and Mai Omar, directed by Ahmed Abdel Wahab.

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