How did art stars react to Bayoumi Fouad’s statements about Mohamed Salam?

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Monday 06 November 2023

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A number of art stars interacted with the artist Bayoumi Fouad’s recent statements about the artist Muhammad Salam regarding his apology for the play “Artificial Marriage” a few days before it was shown during the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We review the stars’ reactions to Bayoumi Fouad’s statements in the following lines:

Kamila Abu Zekry

Director Kamla Abu Zekry wrote, via her personal Facebook account: “The professor, the artist whom I was one of his fans, if you are here, do you think that when you do a work, you prepare, write, and implement it in three days, and you go and show it, and dance, and sing, and laugh, and after that, you take thousands of dollars, if that’s the case.” By calling it art, I am not honored to be your colleague in this profession.”

She added: “And when you expose this nonsense, Egyptian art is not honorable, and when you expose this nonsense and your neighbor slaughters his children, women, and men, and you say art, then I have nothing to say except that feeling and art are a blessing that you are the last people to talk about.”

Kamla Abu Zekry

Critic Magda Khairallah

Art critic Magda Khairallah wrote on her Facebook account: “The artists who were lined up behind Bayoumi, what do they think of what he did and what he said? If one of them has a respectful and different position, why doesn’t he come out and say that Bayoumi Fouad does not represent me?”

She added: “But if they all agree with this humiliating position, then compensation remains for him in Egyptian art!”

Magda is the news of God

Omar Hassan Youssef

The artist, Omar Hassan Youssef, wrote on his personal Facebook account: “What art do you offer? You are the one who made 100 bad movies, the last of which you made on stage.”

Omar Hassan Youssef

Wafa Amer

Actress Wafa Amer said on the “Details” program: “Both sides were not wrong.. On my day, Fouad was speaking from another perspective.. I will not defend both. I will speak in a neutral manner. Everyone has an opinion. Did the weapons factories with which they kill Palestine with the utmost cruelty stop? !?.. Has the earth stopped being cast?!? This is what he wanted to say on the days of Fouad and Muhammad Salam.”

Afaf Mustafa

The artist, Afaf Mustafa, wrote on her Facebook account: “Oh man, you are crying and crying while you are looking for all the floors in the market. You are not shouldering or giving up an opportunity for your qualified colleagues who cannot find a job and their homes are tired.. Are you crying and acting on the Saudis as well?.. Are you lacking money? ?

Afaf Mustafa

Bayoumi Fouad’s statements

The statements of the artist Bayoumi Fouad, in which he sparked a state of controversy, were as follows:

– We thank you for your support and we thank you for your support for Anwar and Lina. I am an Egyptian artist and I am honored.

– I came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an honor to present our art. We are not coming to laugh, we are coming to present our art. We respect you and you respect us.

– It is a great thing that the artist has his fans in all countries. It is a great thing that I go out and take pictures with a Saudi young man or a Saudi woman, and she knows that I am Egyptian, I honor my country.

– You have the right to apologize for the play, but you do not have the right to make mistakes in your art. We are not coming to laugh. We are presenting our Egyptian art. You respect us and we respect you very much.

– I and all my colleagues respect you and love you, and we will remain with you all our lives. May your goodness increase.

– We present art.. We get tired and miserable in order to present art, not so that we can laugh. If the matter is like this, then there will be artists from the days of Naguib Al-Rihani until Muhammad Anwar who should commit suicide. We offer art. Greetings to you, I am sorry.

– I swear to God, we do not have money, and by God Almighty, I do not have money. If this offer remains for another 15 days without pay, we will still be honored and we will remain very happy. My greetings to you and I am sorry.

– We were wronged and insulted, and we are coming to present art.

The play “Artificial Marriage” stars Mai Ezz El-Din, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Anwar, and a large number of artists.

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