HONOR launches the HONOR Magic5 Pro and HONOR Magic Vs through an exceptional ceremony in Saudi Arabia

Both all-new devices come with excellent cameras, amazing improvements in display and iconic designs.

Global brand revealed Honor Officially announced a new group of distinguished products, namely, my phone Honor Magic5 Pro AndHONOR Magic Vs Through a magical party in Riyadh. As they are the latest all-in-one flagship phones in the series Honor high end Honor Magic SeriesThe two phones offer significant advantages in terms of imaging, display, design, and performance, and revolutionize the flagship phone experience with cutting-edge innovations and industry-leading technologies.

phone Honor Magic5 ProUnleash the power of the Magic

Unparalleled photography and videography capabilities

Being motorized Honor For all-new photos, the phone Honor Magic5 Pro Comes with an algorithm Millisecond Falcon Capture All-new technology AI Motion Sensing Capturewhich allow users to capture complex scenes with ease and speed.

Technique Millisecond Falcon CaptureUnparalleled capture speed

In order to speed up the entire shooting process, including improving shooting start speed, focus, shutter speed, and shutter speed, no Millisecond Falcon Capture phone Honor Magic5 Pro Not only the fastest capture process on the market, but also enhanced image clarity.

Team shall Honor R&D Upgrades cache for packaged images Honor Magic5 Prowhich boosts the double cache from 200ms to a maximum of 1500ms, ensuring that certain amounts of images can be stored in the background.

Technique AI Motion Sensingrevealing the movements and capturing the most beautiful moments

Featuring an artificial intelligence network trained with more than 270,000 images, the AI ​​motion detection feature allows the camera to accurately identify different shooting scenarios, and thus it intelligently identifies the key elements in the image for each scenario, and helps users to take the best shots in different scenarios such as Run, jump, and smile every time.

In order to test this technique, it has been named Honor with a Guinness World Records™ smartphone partner, in order to record the world record attempt for the highest jump from Between-The-Leg Slam Dunk.

Computational Optics Technology Ultra-Fusion

This time, a phone comes Honor Magic5 Pro With computational optics technology Ultra-Fusion The all-new, computer optics algorithm takes care of the camera system, dramatically improving image resolution from 3.5x to 100xwhich puts this device in a special position in the smartphone market.

Industry-first premium display technologies

Thanks to its exceptional display, it has a phone Honor Magic5 Pro On the number one position in the rating DXOMARK For the display of phones, an estimate of 151. Phone Honor Magic5 Pro It is the first smartphone to support both element display LTPO and blackout technology PWM At a frequency of 2160 Hz.

Tel comes Honor Magic5 Pro Also with a quad-curvature-type screen LTPO Measuring 6.81 inches, it is accompanied by technology Novel Display To enhance the screen brightness, thus ensuring a phone Honor Magic5 Pro An immersive viewing experience in all scenarios.

AI privacy call technology 2.0

AI privacy call technology is an innovative solution from Honor For the problem of leaking calls, which is a common problem for many. With the superiority of leading AI directional audio technology, the monitor and receiver work together to suit different environments, eliminating sound leakage for more private phone calls.

phone HONOR Magic VsShow your own charm

As announced Honor Also about launching a phone HONOR Magic VsIt is the first foldable phone to be launched in the Middle East and foreign markets. Tel comes HONOR Magic Vs Packed with great innovations and an exceptional user experience, in a modern and elegant design.

Industry-first gearless, ultra-light hinge technology

Tel comes HONOR Magic Vs The industry’s first gearless, ultralight hinge design with zero gaps keeps the phone thin and light.

used Honor One-piece casting technology for the ultra-light gearless hinge, a technology that enabled them to reduce the number of structural elements from 92 to 4[1] Just.

Slim design, 5000mAh large battery

With a slim design – it has a thickness of 12.9 mm[2] It weighs 267 grams[3] – The tel HONOR Magic Vs The foldable smartphone is exceptionally light. What makes it even more special is that it comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which is the largest battery capacity among all foldable smartphones that weighs less than 270 grams.

excel tel HONOR Magic Vs On several other foldable phones on the market thanks to the gap-free design between the two screens when folded or opened, thanks to the distinctive hinge design.

Being made of materials used in aircraft construction, the hinge of the phone HONOR Magic Vs It can withstand 400,000 folds, which ensures a longer endurance for the phone, and thus provides a smoother experience.

Colors and availability

From today until June 1, it will be a series Honor Magic Series Available for pre-order with special prices and great offers.

Make a phone HONOR Magic5 5G Pro Designed for people with an adventurous spirit, it comes in two great colors[4] They are black and meadow green, and they are inspired by the magic of nature.

It will be a phone HONOR Magic5 5G Available for pre-order in Saudi Arabia at a great price of 4,399 SAR, along with valuable free gifts worth 2,857 SAR, including a watch. HONOR WatchGS3, Honor Care+ With 6 months screen protection, 30 days replacement for damage and phone case HONOR Magic5 5G Pro.

It will be a phone Honor Magic Vs 5G It is available in two amazing colors – sky blue and black. Being inspired by the colors of green grass in nature, this unique color is an excellent choice for style lovers, while black is the color that never goes out of style.

It will be a phone Honor Magic Vs 5G Available for pre-order in the Saudi market at a price of 6,399 Saudi riyals, with special gifts worth 3,557 Saudi riyals, including a watch HONOR WatchGS3, Honor Care+ (6 months screen protection, 30 days replacement for damage) and a phone case Honor Magic Vs 5G.

Both will be available HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G And Honor Magic Vs 5G For pre-order through Jarir Bookstore, Extra, STCZain, Lulu, Noon, Amazon and other retail stores.

About Honor

It is a leading brand in the field of smart devices globally. HONOR adopts an ambitious strategy to be one of the most important brands in the field of technology and aims to create a new system for smart life through a diversified and integrated set of products and services. The company’s mission is to provide the latest innovative technologies based on intensive research and development efforts to enable everyone around the world to achieve more, by offering a wide range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and high-quality wearables that suit all budgets. HONOR’s numerous, innovative and trustworthy products enable it to meet the needs of all users and achieve their best version.

[1] compared to a phone HONOR Magic Vthe previous generation of phones HONOR Magic Vs.

[2] Product size may vary depending on composition, manufacturing processes and measurement methods. Characteristics details are only for reference.

[3] Data comes from labs Honor. The lighter version of the device weighs 261 grams, which comes with a vegan leather back. The weight also includes the battery. Actual weight may vary depending on product composition, manufacturing processes and measurement methods.

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