His children take over the management

From left: Wolfgang Grupp jr., Elisabeth Grupp, Wolfgang Grupp, Bonita Grupp
Image: Michael Schulz

Wolfgang Grupp is an old-school entrepreneur. Now he is handing over the management of the textile manufacturer Trigema to his children – it was actually planned differently.

WOlfgang Grupp, Germany’s best-known patriarch, hands over the reins at the textile manufacturer Trigem to his two children: daughter Bonita (34 years old) and son Wolfgang junior (32 years old). The 81-year-old announced this in Burladingen, south of Stuttgart. His son becomes a personally liable partner and managing director of the manufacturer of sports and leisure clothing and Bonita becomes a member of the management of the family business. And Grupp’s wife will continue to work in the company as a partner. The company with almost 1,200 employees will continue to operate under the name Trigema W. Grupp KG. Grupp Trigema had previously operated as an eK (registered merchant). As a registered merchant, he was liable with his private assets. A rather unusual legal form.

According to a statement, the change at the top of the company will take place on January 1, 2024. Both are equal partners, said Grupp junior. The father had actually always emphasized that he would prefer that only one of his children succeed him at the top of the company – in order to avoid conflicts between the siblings. Both will now take over management, with the brother taking on overall responsibility for business operations. Both children attended elite boarding schools and received their education at the prestigious London School of Economics.
Bonita and her brother, who is two years younger, have been working in the company for a long time. She since 2013, her brother followed a year later.

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