High school seniors: state and family support and time management… the reason for our excellence

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, congratulated the graduates of high school, wishing them continued success.

The list of the first in general education included Yasmine Mahmoud Abdullah Muhammad Ali, the first from the elite track at Al Rashidiya School in Dubai, and Suhaila Tariq Omran Jad Mahmoud (an advanced track at the Badia Researcher School – Sharjah), Malak Fadel Abdullah Al Zeyoudi (general – Malih School Abu Dhabi), and Hamad Ibrahim Khalfan. Saeed Al Falasi (Applied School of Knowledge – Dubai)

As for private education, Taqi Youssef Al-Ghbeit (Advanced – Al-Ruya Private School – Abu Dhabi) and Layan Ahmed Muhammad Reda Al-Tamimi (General – Al-Wardiya Private School – Abu Dhabi) came.

With regard to the Applied Technology High School system, the list of firsts included Arwa Awad Ali Hussein Al Nuaimi (Advanced – Applied Technology High School Abu Dhabi), Aisha Ali Khamis Ali Safdani (General – Applied Technology High School Umm Al Quwain), and Maryam Othman Abdullah Abu Bakr Al Amoudi (Advanced Sciences – High School of Technology Applied – Al Ain)

In detail, student Yasmine Mahmoud Abdullah, the first on the elite track in high school, expressed her great happiness with her first announcement on the state in high school and receiving a call from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, considering it a great pride.

Yasmine told Emirates Today: “This year was for me like any normal school year, and I was organizing my time greatly, and not postponing my work for other times so that responsibilities would not accumulate on me, but I faced some challenges such as school curricula, offering universities and Emsat exams, and my goal It was a balancing act between my regular studies and other tasks

Student Hamad Ibrahim Khalfan Al-Falasi, the first on the applied track in high school, revealed that he did not expect to be among the first in high school this year. Al-Falasi told Emirates Today: “Since the beginning of this academic year, I challenged myself and said that this year will be crucial. For my future and my life as a whole, and I must do everything in my power to raise the name of my country high, and to achieve pride for my family.

For her part, the student, Taqa Youssef Al-Ghbeit from Syria, the first in an advanced course, from Al-Ruya Private School in Abu Dhabi, who scored 100%, expressed her happiness with this percentage, which came as a result of her keenness to follow up on her lessons first-hand and to attend regularly from the first day of the study. And taking care to ask her teachers about everything related to the curriculum, as she was keen to be among the first every year. Taqi explained that her schedule today included commitment to sleeping early, waking up early, reviewing her lessons, and going to school while she was fully active and focused on explaining the teachers, and after her return she started studying all Her lessons, stressing that time management is the best way to get the best results.

The student, Maryam Othman Abdullah Abu Bakr Al-Amoudi, advanced science track, from Applied Technology High School, Al-Ain, Tahnoun bin Muhammad Educational Complex, which achieved a success rate of 99.6%, attributed her superiority to her love for her country, and the support of her family and teachers, noting that she has been striving since childhood to be a citizen She is positive and keen to perform her duty towards her country and her family, and that duty at this stage is success and excellence.

While the student, Lian Ahmed Muhammad Reda Al-Tamimi, from the State of Jordan, the first in the general course of the Rosary Private School in Abu Dhabi, who scored 100%, confirmed that her success in high school with this total came thanks to God Almighty, the teachers, and the family, and that her role model in life is Her father, who always encourages her and her siblings to be disciplined and committed, and she thanked her family for being the main factor in providing the appropriate climate to achieve success and excellence.

For her part, the student Aisha Ali Khamis Ali Safadani, from the Applied Technology High School – Umm Al Quwain – Girls, with an average of 99.5% in the results of the secondary school, said that her superiority in the general secondary school is the result of her efforts in the comprehensive and continuous review throughout the academic year by preparing a program to prepare for exams, Safdani is considered an outstanding student and has won distinguished awards as a result of her participation in local and international events and dialogues related to climate and women. She seeks to study political science and international relations to achieve her dream of serving her country and society.

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