He wins the 1st episode of the 6th season!

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In the 1st episode of the 6th season “Who’s Stealing the Show?” Joko defends his show against Florian David Fitz. The actor made an impressive run to the finale, winning all three coins. But he couldn’t use the advantage and lost to Joko in the final quiz.

Full marks for Florian David Fitz in task 1

Florian David Fitz clearly shows in the first round of the game that he is a serious opponent for Joko and his moderation. In the “Easy Five” he answers all the questions correctly. But after the second category everything looks different again: Hazel and Matthias guess more songs than the actor in “I think I’m spinning on the Rad-io” and thus equalize. The three celebrities all have five points after the first two games, and wildcard candidate Giovanna is hot on their heels with three points.

Nina Chubba soon on “Who will steal the show”?

In the game “I think I’m spinning the Rad-io” Joko’s band The Mighty Winterscheidts plays well-known songs in different genres and the candidates have to guess them correctly. Also included is the mega hit “Wildberry Lillet” by Nina Chubba, which, as Giovanni notes, applied for “Who Steals the Show” via Tiktok. Matthias Schweighöfer quickly pulls out his smartphone and decides to send the musician a voice message together with Joko. Joko wants to contact her soon to talk about potential participation. Will we perhaps see the artist in the next season of “Who Steals the Show”?

We’ll just talk again, I’ll get your number from Matthias now.

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Game round without rehearsal

Joko came up with something very special for “The Unnecessarily Complicated Quiz”. This task could not be rehearsed beforehand and is therefore a shot in the dark. In order to be able to answer the next question in the quiz, the players have to go on a thieves’ spree. You have to steal an item from a crew member on site without them noticing. Some people are more skilled at this than others. Matthias is caught red-handed stealing several meters of cable from the technology, while Florian steals a smartphone without being noticed.

A short time later, wildcard candidate Giovanna is eliminated from the first prize level with three points and Florian David Fitz gets the first coin of the evening.

Joko turns off the light

The last category of the second prize level is even more challenging, as Joko ensures darkness throughout the studio. During “The Dark Night Knows” the lights are turned off in the entire studio. Only Joko has a small lamp that he switches on every now and then to prevent the emergency tape from playing due to the black screen. The celebrities have a total of 15 seconds to answer 10 questions. As soon as you press the buzzer once, your light turns on and the 15 seconds count. Then they have to press the buzzer again to stop the time and turn the light back on. Matthias is particularly clumsy and wastes his only chance to score points with pointless small talk. After this round, the gap between Florian with 21 and Hazel with 16 points is too big. Matthias is eliminated after winning level 2 with only 12 points, while Florian receives the second coin.

Hazel can no longer stop Florian’s triumph

In the teleprompter quiz, Florian and Hazel fight for a place in the final. Florian leads by five points, but the Swiss comedian is on fire to melt this cushion of points. She presents and correctly feels six gaps in the script. It’s 22:21 for Hazel. If actor Florian guesses just two gaps correctly, he will be in the final against Joko and has the chance to steal the show. And Florian delivers: he gets 5 points in the quiz and beats Hazel with a final score of 26:21. Hazel is out and Florian is in the final against Joko with three coins.

Will Florian Joko steal the show?

Joko has to face Florian in the final. The actor goes into the final with three coins, putting him in an optimal position to steal the show. However, he misjudged Joko and after the second question he was one coin less and 2:1 behind. He didn’t catch up with this deficit until the end. The question “Which sport did presenter Alexander Bommes play in the top division?” Florian finally breaks his neck. Because according to his own statements, he doesn’t know the host of the show “Gefragt gegeft” at all. He guesses football and is wrong. Joko presented the correct answer “Handball” and thus scored the final score of 5:3.

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