He spent 555 million euros to rejuvenate his youth. This is how the deals will change the face of Real Madrid

The Spanish club Real Madrid and its president, Florentino Perez, changed his policy regarding the file of contracts with football stars, as in the past few years he became more interested in contracting with young people, according to a Spanish report.

And the newspaper “Sport” stated that Perez changed his strategy that he adopted during his first presidency (2000-2006) by concluding deals with great soccer stars, or what is known as “the Galaticos”, such as the French Zinedine Zidane, the Brazilian Ronaldo, the Portuguese Luis Figo and the English David Beckham. To sign the best young talents who are expected to be stars in the future.

Perez invested approximately 555 million euros in exchange for the services of the 10 youngest players present in the squad of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti.

These figures included 395 million euros in the value of contracts and another 106 million in variables, incentives and bonuses, in addition to 54 million euros in commissions for players’ agents.

According to the newspaper, the emergence of clubs with huge economic potential made it difficult for Real Madrid to complete the contract with the big stars, which is one of the main reasons that prompted Perez to pay attention to the young players.

There are 3 senior players in the current Real Madrid squad, the first of whom is Croatian Luka Modric (37 years), German Toni Kroos and Spaniard Nacho Fernandez (33 years).

As for the young players, the oldest are Fede Valverde and Andrei Lunin, both of whom are 24 years old, in addition to Ibrahim Diaz, Fran Garcia, Vinicius Jr., Aurelien Chawamini, all of them 23 years old, then Rodrigo Goss (22), Judy Bellingham, Edward Camavinga (20), and Arda Guler (18 years old). ).

Brazilian Andric Felipe is scheduled to join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024, when he will be 18 years old.

The amounts invested by Real Madrid for each of the above-mentioned players:

  • Fede Valverde (5 million euros).
  • Fran Garcia (5 million euros).
  • Andriy Lunin (8.5 million euros).
  • Brahim Diaz (17 million euros).
  • Vinicius Junior (45 million euros and 16 other commissions).
  • Aurelien Tshawamine (80 million euros).
  • Rodrigo Goes (45 million euros and 15 million commissions).
  • Judy Bellingham (103 million euros and 30.9 million in commissions).
  • Edward Camavinga (31 million euros and 9 million variables).
  • Arda Guler (20 million euros, 10 million variables and 23 million commissions).
  • Andrek (35 million euros and another 25 million in variables).

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