He should play and cry!

(Do – Re – Mi – Fa – Sol – La – Si).

officially; The Music Authority began receiving registration applications to learn to play the oud in the “House of Oud” as part of the authority’s efforts to attract regional and international musical cadres, establish educational curricula to enrich musical knowledge in the Kingdom, and expand students’ horizons in the world of playing the oud and Arab musical instruments.

By God, the news makes the heart happy, and Abu Al-Ghazali believed it when he said:

“He who is not moved by the spring and its flowers, and the oud and its strings, is a bad mood that has no cure.” I wish they would write his wonderful phrase with golden water and take it as a slogan for every generous and cheerful person.

Music is the only language that all people understand without education, explanation or translation, and we enjoy music for the happiness and psychological comfort it brings to our souls and we feel it.

And of course; Each of us has his own taste, which expresses his personality to some extent from the type of artists and music he listens to.

And I have a rule by which I evaluate the taste of those around me, and it is:

Tell me, who are you listening to? I tell you who you are!

For example, a person who listens and enjoys the performance of the international musician Andre Rieu, whose taste cannot be compared to the taste of a person who sings to an enthusiastic (sheila) at a fast pace, for example, and I will mark twenty on that!

Although difference is a natural and healthy matter, you will see differences in temperaments, personalities, psychology, and the way people taste art and music, and this is my opinion and my legitimate right as a human being to express (my opinion) on this matter.

The styles of music and songs and their timing may differ (depending on the mood). For example, if I wake up on a quiet day and I am in a good mood, I drink my coffee while listening to soft music sweetly.

But if I wake up another day and I’m (Tarabana), it’s normal for me to listen to “Moudi Al-Shamrani” and sing along with her:

How long is left to return? Six days or seven.. Do you know this Thursday arrives? It does not arrive on Friday.”

It is very likely that I (slap a neck) on her song from Sabah Allah Khair.

And from this I want to say; Music, musical instruments, and their sounds are subconsciously connected to our souls and bodies, and always continue to push us forward, and enjoying music is not only auditory and emotional, and confirms the validity of these words, my dear friend Nietzsche, who said: “We listen to music with our muscles,” and I agree with him, whether it is heart or body.

any way; Let each person listen to what he likes and suits his musical taste without philosophy or fatwas, for this is acceptable and understandable.

But what I do not understand, nor understand, or accept is that one of the enthusiastic (armored) comes to you, and forbids you music, songs, and learning to play instruments, and makes it permissible for himself to listen to the descending (shills), and you find him above all this indulging and (singing) and drinking (citrus). !


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