He left the Yankees to regret missed opportunities after splitting a tight series with the Rays

the crowd shouted. Aaron Judge, two out in the ninth, in the ninth against Jason Adam, he had moved up to left center field, to the caution lane, and maybe, maybe, it could become an 8-7 8-8 game.

“I thought he hit her off the field,” Harrison Bader said.

he did not do. I landed in the glove of midfielder Jose Serri.

“I hit it really well, but off the bat I hit it really hard, especially how deep there it was,” Judge said. “I was praying for a miracle once I got up there.”

No miracle.

Rays 8, Yankees 7.

This knockout began the streak with the Yankees eight games behind the Rays and ended with the Yankees eight games behind the Rays.

Division happens, as they say.

It’s going to be a long, hot, fun summer filled with countless twists and turns and ebbs and flows in the Middle East, especially once the Sore Four return — Carlos Rondon, Luis Severino, Josh Donaldson and Giancarlo Stanton — but man, the Yankees sure wanted to win this four-game series. Matches to reduce their deficit to six matches because eight matches is enough.

My mom says there will be days like this.

Perhaps if Rondon or Severino – who could start next Sunday in Cincinnati – had been healthy enough to start Aaron Boone in place of Clark Schmidt, Anthony Rizzo’s fourth-inning blast could have made the difference.

Perhaps if Schmidt had gotten a complete call on Josh Lowe’s backdoor knuckle curve he would have survived the fifth inning and pitching coach Matt Blake would not have gotten an ejection.

“You can go either way. “It’s a borderline step,” Schmidt said.

Perhaps if Bonn didn’t have an onerous tax base, he could have called someone besides Albert Alberu at Schmidt’s convenience.

“We were a short distance from there,” Boone said.

Perhaps had Abreu not attempted his fourth straight changeup and surrendered major leaguer Taylor Walls in relief of Schmidt in the fifth, everyone would have been talking about Bader’s diving catch on Randy Aruzarena’s extended catch in front of the 399-foot mark in left. – The center that saved two runs in that fateful fifth fifth.

“Unfortunately we lost the site,” Abreu said.

After a pair of thrilling wins, and what began to unfold as the Yankees’ third, tenth of the season, this one ended in regret — but only for a missed opportunity.

The judge said: “I think we are in a good position, some back and forth battles. We don’t want to come here and split the series. But they’re one of the best teams in baseball, and we’ve struggled back and forth.”

These last three bouts were heavyweight bouts akin to George Foreman vs. Ron Lyle, with one team scoring a knockdown, the other getting up and one team scoring.

Anthony Volpe’s 8th-place HR hit off Kevin Kelly made Rays 8 and Yankees 7 after Lowe’s grand slam hits Rays 8 and Yankees 4.

“We never get out of a game, no matter the outcome,” the judge said.

Judge’s RBI single meant a raging Rizzo made the tying run at the plate in the seventh inning against Kelly, but Rizzo breathed out on top of a four-out lead.

“How intense it was,” Bader said. “It’s wonderful.” “Playing against these guys is just a blast.”

The Rays won four of their seven games last week.

“One play both ways for either team really decides a lot of those games,” Bader said.

Oswaldo Cabrera hit first and the Yanks now record 46 HR in 26 games on the field. They needed that No. 47.

“A few missed opportunities, but we’ll see them on the way,” Judge said.

Shame it won’t happen until July 31st.

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