He believed him sometimes and lied to him several times.. Ronaldo is subject to a lie detector and millions are watching

Fans of the round witch await every appearance of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo on and off the green rectangle, but his recent media interview won special attention from the pioneers of communication platforms, as the famous star underwent a lie detector to evaluate his answers to questions.

The questions asked to the “Don” varied between his personal life, his individual records, his various titles with the clubs whose colors he defended, his country’s national team, and the most prominent coaches in his football career.

According to video clips broadcast by the “Networks” program in its episode on (5/9/2023), the lie detector recognized the validity of Ronaldo’s responses to some questions, such as “Did you search for yourself on Google?” and “Have you ever eaten fast food?” He answered both questions “several times.”

But the device did not accept Ronaldo’s answer when he denied that he “snores during sleep”, and the same is the case when the Portuguese international believed that his country would win the World Cup.

As for the most controversial point, it was when the “Don” considered his exclusionary goal in the colors of Real Madrid, against Juventus, in the European Champions League, his best goal ever, which was rejected by the lie detector, so Ronaldo returned, saying, “The best goal … the most difficult goal and the most beautiful goal.” .

Ronaldo indicated that he holds the record for the largest number of goals in history, by scoring 835 goals, and he considered the English Premier League “the strongest in the world,” amid support for his words from a lie detector.

Ronaldo refused to categorize his Scottish coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, when he was a player in the ranks of Manchester United, the best player in history, and when the device refused to answer, he returned and confirmed that he had played with many coaches and achieved many achievements, “therefore they deserve the title of the best.” “.

Interaction of communication platforms

As usual, the reactions of football fans varied on Ronaldo’s individual interview, as was the case on his performance on the field, as tweeter Raed refused to evaluate the lie detector for the player’s answers, and asked, “How does it mean that he lies in choosing his favorite goal?” All of them are his goals, and if he chooses any other goal, it will not make much difference.

As for Zidane, he considered the questions asked to Ronaldo “stupid,” and indicated that it would have been better to ask him if his Argentine rival, Lionel Messi, was “better than him,” before continuing his speech, saying, “Then he will answer no, and the lying device will reveal him.”

Ayham said, “Originally, the question is wrong. How does he change collective titles? These titles are the right of the whole team, not one individual. This is the effort of an entire team. The question could have been about the Golden Ball or the Golden Shoe because it is an individual award.”

For his part, Aqil preferred to comment on the lie detector and its mechanism of action, and considered that the measurement of heartbeat and tension “is not 100% accurate,” noting that “there are people who have the ability to lie without being shaken by anything, and therefore the device does not detect it.”

It is noteworthy that the interview that Ronaldo conducted was for the “Binance” platform, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it received a very large number of views, reaching 15 million views, less than a day after it was published on the Portuguese star’s Instagram account.

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