He achieved a negative number that the Premier League had not seen for decades. A “philosophical” justification from Lampard for Chelsea’s defeats

Frank Lampard became the first English coach to lose 10 consecutive Premier League matches in 35 years, after his Chelsea team fell 3-1 to Arsenal on Tuesday.

Chelsea’s all-time leading scorer has lost all six of his matches since his temporary return to the team following the sacking of Graham Potter last month.

Lampard had lost the last 4 matches with Everton, equaling the negative number of coach Arthur Cox with Derby County in 1988.

Lampard has not been able to change Chelsea’s fortunes since his return for a second term with the team after his dismissal in January 2021.

The former England player seemed terrified as he watched his team’s disastrous defense as Arsenal advanced 3-0 in the first 34 minutes.

Despite Chelsea’s improvement in the second half, Lampard’s assessment made clear after the important match that the team’s new coach awaits next season.

“This season shows from its inception to its end that the reasons must be found quickly,” Lampard said. “The situation will not be fixed overnight. The answer is clear, we have to do the basic things better to improve.”

And he continued, “The matter became clear tonight; The first half was bad, but it is the truth, and this is what I came to.”

The 44-year-old Lampard won once in his last 20 games as a coach.

Chelsea spent a lot of money on the inclusion of new players, but the fans questioned the players’ commitment, which was criticism that Lampard rejected.

“The players care,” the English coach said. “Chelsea fans talk about the players’ indifference, but I don’t believe it.”

He continued, “There are many reasons, and some of them are valid. New players in the league joined a team at a difficult stage, and this is very difficult, and in the strongest league in the world.”

“But there are also some basic things, which is that they have to improve.”

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