Hany Ramzy reveals the truth about his emigration to Canada: I will not leave Egypt

a statement the artist comedian Egyptian glad symbolic on Reasons his visits multi Outside country, sure that it Come in aFlew relations Social Andlink Egyptians in the outside in a countrythey and reinforcement support them she has, sure during intervention telephone with program «last day» with Media Mohammed goshawk, Invalidity what to hesitate about I left him to Canada accompanied by his family.

pointed out symbolic to that it will run many from visits out during the days qadhmm, explaining that it visits Normal very For some relatives, adding: “no maybe We are late on to support any Limit, and post Writer immortal Victor aYou understand mistake, we Share with us in parties the30 of June and he Pride great, but suddenly I understand We are we migrated to Canada».

and seal his speech saying: «Brother lawyer big, and member council deputies, And my brother the other president court felonies, and me artist I have my business in Egypt, And I have a play New And a movie new, and love Egypt Joanna no describe, And not Hsip Egypt no I no my brothers, aHanna Two servants Country AndWe will stay In which, And our children And our grandchildren In which».

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