Haniyeh: We are ready for a long war with Israel News

The head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) Ismail HaniyehToday, Thursday, the resistance is in Gaza strip Ready for a long war with the Israeli army, saying, “If the enemy wants it to be a long battle, then we are even longer.”

In a video speech in which Haniyeh praised the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the combined efforts of the resistance factions “in order to disperse the capabilities of the Israeli army and weaken it on multiple fronts,” he stressed that “the occupation relied on lies that were proven false in the storming of Al-Shifa Hospital.”

He said, “If the enemy wants it to be a long battle, then we ourselves are longer than our enemy’s soul, and our resistance will have the final say in it,” noting that the resistance “is waging a strategic conflict with the Zionist enemy in which we will only be victorious.”

He pointed to “the victories achieved by the resistance elements on the ground in the Gaza Strip,” adding that “the heroes of the resistance are writing on the land of Gaza pages of unparalleled glory in heroism, courage, and bravery, and they are directing their painful blows at our enemy’s army and its vehicles.”

Haniyeh continued, “The world will see the Al-Qassam Brigades and the resistance factions defeating the (Israeli) occupation from the Gaza Strip as it was defeated 18 years ago, and will only reap more failure, disappointment and brokenness.”

“Hamas is committed to its people”

Haniyeh considered that the residents of the Gaza Strip and the resistance “thwarted the enemy’s goals and plans to displace or recover prisoners by force.”

He added, “I say to all those who support the enemy and hope to change reality that the Hamas movement is rooted and united with its people.”

Haniyeh stressed “the importance of forcing the enemy to stop its aggression, opening the crossings, delivering needs, and ending the siege.”

On another level, Haniyeh called for the implementation of the decisions of the emergency Arab-Islamic summit, which was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, a few days ago, especially those related to “stopping the aggression and immediately breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip, protecting the holy sites, and realizing the aspirations of our people for freedom, return, and independence.”

He pointed out the importance of “the speedy convening of the committee, which consists of a number of countries and is charged with following up on the implementation of the decisions issued by the summit.”

Haniyeh said, “Supporting Gaza with money, jihad, and weapons must overcome the obstacles. There is no excuse for being satisfied with little, and the battle is the nation’s battle.”

The post first appeared on www.aljazeera.net

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