Hamdan bin Mohammed: The decision to unify the armed forces is a crucial, fateful step in the history of the Emirates

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, said that the sixth day of May comes every year, bringing with it a memory dear to the soul of every Emirati, male and female. The wise decision to unify the UAE Armed Forces was one of the important achievements and the main pillars for the success of an ambitious national project. It resulted in the establishment of a union of a young country that moved, during a period of five decades, from the stage of groping for the future to the competition for world leadership in all fields, with sincere determination and insistence on advancing the ranks in the global development process, under one banner and a unified vision towards the promising tomorrow that the fathers dreamed of. The founders, when they intended to lay the first building blocks for the union of the state.

And His Highness added – in the speech he addressed through the “National Shield” magazine on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the unification of our armed forces, which falls on the sixth of May of each year -: “The decision to unify the armed forces was a decisive and fateful step in the history of the United Arab Emirates, which strengthened its position It guaranteed its loftiness and dignity, and affirmed its positive contribution in all corners of the earth, so that the name of the Emirates has always become synonymous with all meanings of goodness, and the values ​​of harmony and peace, which it was keen to spread its foundations and consolidate its foundations in the region and the world, as our armed forces had their clear role in achieving this noble moral commitment by standing On the side of the truth and upholding his word and raising his banner, and victory for his companions at all times and times.

His Highness affirmed that the manifestations of progress and prosperity that the UAE enjoys today would not have been possible without the vision of our wise leadership, which created all the guarantees that ensure the preservation of these blessings, foremost of which is the building of strong armed forces that possess all the necessary deterrent tools to be the shield that preserves our state’s security and safeguards its safety. May its people, and everyone who lives on its land, be blessed with the grace of peace and stability in a climate of understanding and harmony, and so that the UAE remains the first destination for every owner of a big dream and an ambitious project that seeks to turn it into achievement and success, and may our country always remain the ideal choice and the most prominent model for a safe environment in which everyone enjoys opportunities Parallel in a future full of opportunities, hope and excellence.

His Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, indicated that the high level of defense readiness of our armed forces, and the advanced degrees of efficiency it has reached in carrying out the tasks assigned to it, is a source of pride for all the people of the country, as this distinction is the result of sophisticated and continuous training and qualification programs for all sectors, in the interest of To provide its human cadres with all the knowledge and expertise that enable them to carry out their sacred duty towards the homeland and achieve the highest levels of field excellence, and in a way that contributes to preparing the human element, which is the basic pillar of the defense system, in the best possible way to deal with the challenges that the future may bring, and adapt to its changes, This is in parallel with owning the latest and best equipment, equipment and advanced defense technologies, at a time when local capabilities in the field of defense industries have proven their presence and competitiveness at the global level.

His Highness made it clear that with the support and encouragement of our wise leadership, our valiant armed forces, with the help of their loyal sons and their giving, with which they wrote the most wonderful epics of heroism in the fields of honor and dignity, will remain the sword that the UAE raises in the face of everyone who begged himself to harm the capabilities of the homeland or undermine its gains or the dignity of its children. And the beacon that spreads the light of hope in the souls of those who are stranded in times of adversity and calamities, confirming the UAE’s firm approach to extending a helping hand to everyone in need in all situations and circumstances.

His Highness said: “With the celebration of the forty-seventh anniversary of the unification of the Armed Forces, we extend our warmest congratulations and blessings to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, “may God protect him,” and his two deputies, and to their brothers Their Highnesses the Sheikhs, members of the Supreme Council of the Union, Rulers of the Emirates. We also extend our congratulations to the officers, non-commissioned officers and members of our valiant armed forces, asking God Almighty to guide them and guide their steps, and to perpetuate the UAE’s honor and dignity and to bless it with more reasons for progress, advancement and prosperity under our wise leadership.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum concluded his speech by saying: “The UAE has always been dear and proud, and its armed forces have been strong and impregnable … protecting the country, defending its soil and preserving the future of its children.”

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