Guardiola on Manchester City and Chelsea’s goal party: Good advertising for the English Premier League

Pep Guardiola, the team’s technical director, confirmed Manchester City The Englishman said that the draw achieved by the Citizens with Chelsea 4-4 is considered a fair result for the match that was held this Sunday evening, at Stamford Bridge, in the twelfth round of the English Premier League competition in the current season 2023-2024, before the Premier League stopped due to a period. The international stop, which will be held until the end of next week.

Manchester City is faltering

Guardiola said in his statements after the match: “A fair result, a good show for the Premier League’s followers, and good propaganda for the tournament, after both teams played to win. This is what happens,” stressing that “Chelsea remains Chelsea, one of the greatest teams in England for the last 25 years.”

Guardiola added: “After leading 3-2, I made many bad and imperfect decisions, and they were the reason for the draw, but I think the result was fair for both teams,” noting that “after Rodri’s goal, he spoke with Juanma, and I told him that the match is not over, there are many things that will happen.” “The whole match was like that.”

The Man City coach continued his statements, saying: “A close match. It could have been better, but it could also have been worse. Chelsea started better. They built a new team with a lot of young players, but we had our moments, and they also had their moments.”

Guardiola continued: “We scored 4, but we also conceded 4 goals, and this is not normal for us. We must look at ourselves more than anything else and continue to press, improve, and move forward.”

Watch the goals of Manchester City and Chelsea

Manchester City tops the English Premier League standings

Manchester City leads the English Premier League table with 28 points, collected from winning 9 matches, losing two matches, drawing one, scoring 32 goals and conceding 12 goals, placing it one point ahead of Liverpool and Arsenal, who are second and third, with 27 points, and Tottenham is fourth with 26 points, and Aston Villa comes second. In fifth place with 25 points.

While the Chelsea team comes in tenth place in the English Premier League table with 16 points collected from winning 4 matches, losing the same, and drawing 4, scoring 19 goals and conceding 16 goals.

The Chelsea team defeated its Tottenham counterpart with a score of 4-1 during the match that was held between them at the Spurs Stadium, as part of the English Premier League championship competitions in the current season 2023-24.

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