Greta Thunberg takes sides with Palestinians

MWith a traditional black and white Palestinian scarf around her neck, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg once again took the side of the Palestinians at a climate demonstration. At a livestreamed rally in Amsterdam on Sunday, she said the climate movement had a duty to “listen to the voices of those who are oppressed and who fight for peace and justice.”

After her statement, Thunberg passed the microphone to a woman who also wore a Palestinian scarf and claimed that Israel was “committing genocide in my country.” Israel was targeting hospitals and civilians, the woman said.

Many participants reacted outraged to the accusations. A man jumped onto the stage in front of the cameras and shouted into the microphone: “I came here for a climate demonstration, not to hear political views.” Thunberg then called on the participants to remain calm and then chanted several times: “No climate “Justice on occupied land.” (“There is no climate justice on occupied land.”) She was obviously alluding to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.

According to the organizers, around 85,000 people took part in the climate demonstration; It was the largest such demonstration in the Netherlands to date.

Berlin: 20 participants taken away

Thousands of people also turned out for pro-Palestinian sentiment in other German and European cities over the weekend Demonstrations gathered. The demonstrators in Berlin, Munich and Wuppertal remained predominantly peaceful, but charges were filed in all three cities for, among other things, the use of anti-constitutional symbols. Pro-Palestinian rallies remain banned in Hamburg.

The largest demonstration since the attack took place in London with 300,000 participants of Hamas on Israel. Large crowds also gathered in other major European cities: in Paris, for example, according to police reports, more than 16,000 people demonstrated for the Palestinians, and in Brussels there were over 20,000 participants. On Sunday, thousands gathered in many French cities to protest against anti-Semitism. According to media reports, there were over 100,000 participants in Paris alone.

According to police, more than 6,000 people were in on Saturday Berlin took to the streets. With chants and on signs and banners, they demanded, among other things, freedom Palestine and spoke of genocide with regard to Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. According to the police, a total of 20 participants were removed from the demonstration. Around two dozen criminal investigations were initiated, including on suspicion of sedition, bodily harm, damage to property and the use of unconstitutional symbols.

Munich: Advertisement for the slogan “From the river to the sea”

In München Up to 5,500 people took part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration late Saturday afternoon. The number was only reached during the course of the train, as the police announced on Sunday. The demonstrators were largely peaceful in demanding, among other things, a ceasefire in the Gaza war. There were three reports of using prohibited license plates or glorifying crimes on posters.

In one case it was about the slogan “From the river to the sea”, which has only recently been banned in Bavaria. The phrase dates back to the 1960s and was already used by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). It is intended to express that the area from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean is claimed – i.e. the territory of Israel.

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