Ghaith clouds

When summer comes, the sun gets hot, the earth dries up, and its water decreases; The servants eagerly await “cloud rain” to relieve them and quench the thirst of the earth after it dries up, so it drinks rain water just as hem drinks when the thirst is intense, and the effect of rain may not appear on it due to its intense thirst, so it is punished by “cloud rain” until it is quenched and takes on its decoration and shows the eye its beauty and greenery, so trees grow Under whose shade the birds take shelter, and we eat the good fruits of it.

“Ghaith Al-Ghamam” is in the stage of Saudi construction and preparing the ground to achieve the fruits; He is His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect him, who makes great efforts, works, follows up, directs, discusses, and plans for what is beneficial and prosperous, not only for the homeland and the citizen, but for the nation and neighboring countries, and whoever visits this blessed land intending to approach God by worshiping or enjoying what Where it is beautiful or seizing investment opportunities, business deals and strategic partnerships.

The international newspapers, before the local ones, have taken note of the blessed efforts and projects that are being put forward by “Ghaith Al-Ghamam”; Who strives to elevate our country and make it compete with major countries in all fields, and even overcome it, so that it becomes a port for all ships sailing in search of profitable trade and a central point that does not disappear from the thoughts of peoples before governments that it is a mine of spoils and a mountain that does not fear storms of wind.

May God protect “Ghaith Al-Ghamam”, our Crown Prince, direct his steps, and grant him victory with the soldiers of the earth and the sky.

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