Gerrit Cole gets an assist from his rivals in a scoreless All-Star Game

SEATTLE — Boxscore scores will forever read that Gerrit Cole, in his first and possibly only All-Star Game start, retired with the order.

Cole did manage to check one item off his bucket list, hitting his first scoreless touchdown Tuesday in the National League’s 3-2 victory at T-Mobile Park in one of the most nine-pitch, scoreless innings that can be played. for the fan to see.

“I thought it was great,” Cole said with a smile. “They got good swings. I got out of there [in] Nine courts, and we played a great “D.”

The Yankees had all-star defensemen behind him and put them to work right away.

Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna Jr., the game’s first batter, hit a second-run chipper into deep right field that Adolis Garcia tried to find in the bright sun.

García sprinted back, turned onto the caution course, jumped and threw his glove in a ballet motion.

The Rangers player stabbed the ball as it hit the wall.

Cole smiled, shook his head, and could exhale—a few times, at least.

Next up was Dodgers Freddie Freeman, who jumped an outside fastball and threw it at 99.7 mph to left field.

Tampa Bay’s Randy Arzarena backed quickly, reached the caution lane, jumped almost horizontally as he hit the wall and stole two goals from Freeman.

The Rays star highlighted his patented pose, arms crossed as he leans back — and Cole, after throwing his arms around as if to wonder what just happened, mimicked the pose right back at Arozarena.

“I thought he deserved it,” Cole said after his sixth All-Star Game honor, but only his second time on the show. “It just seemed like it was right in the moment.

“[Arozarena has] Lots of juice. This was a really nice catch, and it hits the wall. I was like, I think someone’s on our side.”

At least two personal bodies, both of which were All-Star players in the corner.

Cole causes Mookie Betts to be fired, and his night is over.

The quick run, especially on just two days’ rest after Cole threw 7 innings/innings on Saturday, was perfect.

The 32-year-old had always wanted a Midsummer Classic start, and AL manager Dusty Baker gave him the chance after the first inning that he finished 9-2 with a 2.85 ERA.

“It was great. “Too much adrenaline one day,” Cole said.

What’s next on the bucket list?

“The World Series,” said Cole, who lost to the Astros in the 2019 championship.

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