Germany approves the first national security strategy in its history

For the first time in its history, the German government approved a national strategy for national security, after negotiations that took several months.

This came after the German cabinet approved, in its weekly session yesterday, the new strategy document, which aims to develop policies to deal with the military, economic and social risks that threaten Germany, through foreign and security policies that protect Germany from geopolitical changes.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said – in a statement in this regard – that since the initiation of preparing the strategy, major events have taken place in the region that have greatly affected the situation for Germany, noting that “despite all the changes, the state’s primary task remains to ensure the security of its citizens.”

In his statement, he noted that while previous policy documents focused on defense, the new strategy will focus more on foreign policy, including providing Germany with a secure and permanent supply of raw materials.

In addition to political, security and economic topics, the document includes several references to the security threats posed by climate change, including increased risks of famine, disease and conflicts around the world, as well as extreme weather events and damage to critical infrastructure in Germany.

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