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Curious that we talk about the women in the life of the man who sang that ‘Give me back my girl’. Although now the one we always see next to David Summers It is the singer Samantha Gilabert (‘OT 2020’) with whom she is sweeping the TVE ‘Dúos Increíbles’ contest, the truth is that there are others two women’s names that have conquered the heart of the vocalist of G Men throughout his life.

Although he himself has acknowledged that “sex saved me from death, having so much kept me away from hard drugs” in an interview he gives to the newspaper ‘The country’ In December of last year, David began shortly after forming the band that made him famous with his childhood love: Marta Madruga.

David Summers

Madruga and Summers They met in 1987, while filming the film ‘Sufre Mamón’. directed by the singer’s father, the well-known filmmaker Manuel Summers, since the actress played Patty in fiction when she was only 17 years old. Five years later, in 1992, Marta and David married. A very stable relationship that lasts for 26 years.

Children David Summers

Even the couple has two twinsLucía and Daniel: “They are the most beautiful song, the purest air, the sigh of my dawn. “I love you, my children, more than anything in the world,” he wrote. on his Instagram David very excitedly congratulating his children on their birthday in 2021. It is his son who has inherited Summers’ musical talent. In 2018 Marta and David decide to separate by mutual agreement.

Now, David Summers has fallen in love again with an English teacher, Christine Cambeiro, whom he met four years ago, a year after his divorce from his school sweetheart and mother of his children. It is common to see the vocalist of Hombres G boast of complicity with his partner with whom he shares two adorable puppies.

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