“Friend fell down”: a plane crashed in the middle of an air show in Villa Cañás and there are two dead

The moment of the fall was recorded by spectators (Video/@flysicardi)

An air festival that took place this Sunday afternoon in the city of Villa Cañas, 180 kilometers from Rosario, ended in tragedy. During an acrobatics show, the L-29 Delfín military plane crashed to the floor and there are two dead.

As confirmed by the media The capitalthe fatalities are the pilot and his companion: Both lost their lives at the time. The images of the accident went viral through the footage of spectators, who were witnessing the acrobatics show at the Aeroclub local, at some distance from the planes.

In the video, which heads this note and lasts less than a minute, you can see how the aircraft hovers near the grass and then takes flight with its nose pointing towards the clouds. As he went down, however, he plummeted and shattered on the floor. “Friend fell. He fell, idiot“, a male voice is heard saying.

Immediately, firefighters and ambulances went to the scene of the accident, but they could do nothing to save the lives of the two crew members.

The images of the accident went viral through the filming of spectators
The images of the accident went viral through the filming of spectators

In dialogue with local media, sources from the Villa Cañás Aeroclub explained the reasons for the accident. “Apparently, the plane did a low flight over the post and when he was leaving, making a turn, stuck on end. Two people were aboard the plane, which is a war-type aircraft. “It is a Russian plane with a pilot and a passenger in the back.”

For his part, the mayor of Villa Cañás, Norberto “Tito” Gizziregretted the event and assured that “this event sends the entire region into mourning.”

“It was a hard blow for the entire community of the Villa Cañás aeroclub and our city in general. We are all moved by the fact and stunned because everyone who was at the event was surprised to see how the plane collapsed, which, from what they tell me, was a fighter that the Russians used in World War II,” said Gizzi.

At the moment, the identities of the deceased were not revealed. From the account of Twitter Flights and Travel They assured that “The pilot was a young man who was very loved in the community.”.

"The pilot was very loved in the community"they assured from the Flights and Travel account
“The pilot was very loved in the community,” they said from the Flights and Travel account.

According to The capital, the aerial festival is a traditional event that takes place every year in Villa Cañás. Days ago it had been announced on networks and media as follows: “The classic Air Festival is coming to the Villa Cañás Aeroclub. Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12 at our facilities at Route 94 kilometer 32. Aerial acrobatics with the best pilots in the country, baptism flights, static and dynamic exhibition of experimental airplanes, applicators, helicopters and model airplanes. Free entry.”

In that context, the L-29 Delfín was one of the main attractions of the festival. It is, according to the same media, a jet aircraft (created for military training purposes for aerial combat) manufactured in Czechoslovakia for the Warsaw Pact nations – during the Cold War -, and which replaced the MiG-15 and MiG-17 of Russian origin.

They flew from 1966 to 1977 and when they were no longer used as trainers they became part of various air forces. They then became obsolete and fell into private hands. There are about 50 L-29 planes left in the world and this one that crashed this Sunday in the province of Santa Fe was the only one in South America..

A businessman from Carlos Casares (province of Buenos Aires) in California, United States, had bought it and then brought it to Argentina.

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