French Prime Minister: We will deal firmly and firmly with acts of violence

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born vowed today, Sunday, to deal strictly with acts of violence, at a time when the country is witnessing continuous unrest after the killing of a young man of Algerian origin by police bullets, last Tuesday.

Bourne said, in her speech to the media: “We will confront violence with vigilance and strictness, and by increasing penalties for those who attack officials, and we will stand by local elected officials and we are ready to confront violence.”

She added, “The government will be mobilized until calm returns to all parts of the country. We have asked the judiciary and the public prosecution to deal with the most rigorous measures possible with those who provoke violence,” stressing that what happened to the house of a mayor in Paris, on Sunday, is shocking, and we will not tolerate it.

And she continued, “We harnessed all capabilities to confront violence. 45,000 policemen, helicopters, drones, and armored vehicles were harnessed.”

The French Ministry of the Interior had said earlier that the intensity of the riots across the country had subsided last night, while tens of thousands of police personnel were deployed in cities across the country after the funeral of a young man whose killing by police bullets ignited widespread unrest.

Nael, a 17-year-old of Algerian origin, was shot dead by a policeman when police stopped his car on Tuesday in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

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