For whom is the decision in Al-Ahly?

The statement of Al-Ahly coach, Matthias Yaisle, caused great concern in the Al-Ahly center after his team’s unexpected loss by five from its host Al-Fateh in the fifth round of the Roshen League, when he confirmed in the press conference after the match that he had missed the player “Alyoski” on the left front, which confirms that he is not convinced of his departure. From the team map, and that the decision to stay is not in his hands, and he said: “I am shocked by the great loss of my team from Al-Fateh, which I did not expect.” ), and before the stoppage, he added: “The team missed the services of the player “Alyoski” on the left front a lot, and he is a distinguished player, but the loss that the team suffered is not due to his absence.

On the other hand, the Al-Ahly negotiator is seeking to complete two local deals in the center, axis, and left-back fields. Among the most prominent players in the “axis” field are Ali Al-Hassan (Al-Nasr), Alaa Hajji (Al-Wahda), Eid Al-Mawlid (Al-Akhdood), and the left-back field Abdullah Al-Ammar ( Damak), and Hussein Qassem (Al-Taei), as the Al-Ahly negotiator is racing against time in order to settle the two local deals before the end of the summer transfer period (Wednesday).

On the other hand, Al-Ahly Club announced the contract with international striker Firas Al-Buraikan for a period of 5 years, coming from Al-Fateh Club.

Al-Ahly updates

Looking for a left-back and a central axis

Contracting with striker Firas Al-Buraikan

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