Football Association: Excluding the national team’s trio is not permanent…and we paid an exceptional reward

Khaled Al-Dirandali, Vice President of the Football Association and head of the Egyptian national team’s delegation in Liberia, confirmed that obtaining 6 points at the start of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers is a wonderful thing, especially in light of the state of stress and atmosphere and playing on artificial turf, noting that the goal is to lead the group in Primarily.

And achieved Egypt national team A deserved victory over Sierra Leone with two unanswered goals, scored by Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet in the 18th and 62nd minutes of the match that brought them together in Liberia, on Sunday evening, in the matches of the second round of the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which was the match hosted by Samuel D. Canyon Stadium in Liberia. To prevent the Sierra Leonean competitor from playing its matches on its home field due to the failure to apply technical requirements and standards to its stadiums.

Al-Dirndali said in television statements: “The Sierra Leone delegation was present a few days ago in Liberia, and they received more rest than Egypt, but the players must be given their right in the match, especially in light of the climate of the African continent, and the Egyptian national team has great weight in Africa, and I hope to achieve the Cup title.” Nations in Côte d’Ivoire, which is what this generation of players lacks.”

He added: “We will move to Cairo at twelve-fifteen this morning, and Roy Vitoria, the coach of the Egyptian national team, made a decision to exclude three players (Imam Ashour – Tariq Hamed – Hussein Al-Shahat), and it is specific to facing Sierra Leone only, and not a permanent exclusion of the players, and the coach did not stipulate “Any player apologized as was rumored, and it is also not true that he will call up one player from the trio in the future. Vitoria is a respectable person, and the decision is for the last match only.”

He continued: “The trio (Imam Ashour – Tariq Hamed – Hussein Al-Shahat) are distinguished elements, and I have previously been with them in previous camps. They are extremely committed, and they received Vitoria’s decision calmly and there was no deviation from the text at all.”

He continued: “I told Mohamed El-Shenawy, ‘I will make a statue of you after your brilliance with the Egyptian national team against Sierra Leone. He is a great player and a distinguished goalkeeper. He clearly shined in the match, and we are all proud of him.’”

He added: “Mohamed Salah is going through a lot of the same situation that he was exposed to today, and the African people have a good feeling towards all the Egyptian national team players, and everyone today was cheering for the Egyptian national team players, and there were Arab communities that were supporting and assisting the national team, and there were also sports figures from Sierra Leone in the cabin. They were keen to salute the Egyptian national team, which now includes wonderful professional players such as Marmoush, Mostafa Mohamed, Mohamed Elneny, Trezeguet and others, who have become known throughout the continent, which makes us very proud.”

He added: “Mohamed Elneny was also greeted by the fans, and a big banner was made for him during training yesterday, and they were keen to take pictures with him. We are happy for these distinguished players who play in the strongest leagues, and all the professionals will return to Egypt, then leave for their clubs in Europe.” .

He stressed: “We have a special regulation that will be applied regarding rewards, and an exceptional reward was made after the victory over Sierra Leone.”

He continued: “Vitoria is working to follow up on all the professionals, as well as some of the injured, such as Ahmed Hegazy, Al-Wansh, and others. We hope that they will be with the team in the African Nations, and this will be determined according to their readiness.”

He pointed out that he was keen to follow the Egyptian youth team against Tunisia, stressing that he would sit with the technical staff and support it in order to correct the mistakes and provide good results in the next stage.

With this result, he was strengthened National team It leads the first group, which includes Guinea, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia, with 6 points, after its sweeping victory over Djibouti in the first round last Thursday by six goals without a response, and its victory over Sierra Leone today with two goals without a response.

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