Florian Silbereisen replaced – spectators with guesses

SWR television THE BEATRICE EGLI SHOW, on Saturday (November 26th, 2022) at 8:15 p.m.  Beatrice Egli presents a new edition of her music and entertainment show with SWR: “The Beatrice Egli Show”.  © S...

Beatrice Egli’s show is now also on ARD.Image: SWR/Manfred H. Vogel


Charlotte Zink

Pop music and warm words: Beatrice Egli invited people to her own show on the Erste on Saturday evening. In a studio with a “Wetten, dass?” memorial sofa, the blonde Swiss woman led the evening, showering her guests with compliments, invoked “female power” as often as possible and even danced with the audience at the end. Howard Carpendale, Maite Kelly, Matteo Boccelli: Once again the usual suspects took to the stage.

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Viewers want to see Florian Silbereisen

Only one person was missing: Beatrice Egli’s stage-effective long-term flirt Florian Silbereisen was sorely missed by some X users. Instead, Egli arranged to meet Sasha for a “musical date” at the beginning of the show. SThe two later sang the song “Radio” in a duet. But there was no Silbereisen mood.

Instead, a duet of a special kind caused tears of emotion. Once again, the host herself grabbed the microphone: This time Egli sang the recently published song “Ein Kind ist ein Kind” by Udo Jürgens, who died in 2014. Thanks to a video recording, this was possible in a duet with Jürgens himself. Meanwhile, the former big band leader and friend of the pop star, Pepe Lienhard, sat in the front row.

ARD/SWR THE BEATRICE EGLI SHOW, on Saturday (11.11.23) at 8:15 p.m. on the ERSTEN.  Beatrice Egli and Pepe Lienhard Attention: embargo period for content and photos up to and including Sunday, November 5th, 2023 © SWR/Man ...

Beatrice Egli speaks with Pepe Lienhard.Image: SWR/Manfred H. Vogel

“It touches me every time I hear him,” he said in an interview with Egli. Jürgens is a true role model for him. The singer was very disciplined and always gave his all. This applied both on stage and backstage. “In 37 years he hasn’t been late for sound check once,” Lienhard recalled.

Howard Carpendale chats about grandson Mads

Schlager veteran Howard Carpendale also chatted a little out of the box on Saturday evening. “This will be my last album, but I’ll sing on stage until I can’t anymore,” said the singer. He also told us a little about his family: grandson Mads now has his own opinion, said Carpendale. The son of actor Wayne Carpendale and presenter Annemarie Carpendale also likes to criticize, Grandpa Carpendale admitted.

ARD/SWR THE BEATRICE EGLI SHOW, on Saturday (11.11.23) at 8:15 p.m. on the ERSTEN.  Howard Carpendale is a guest on the Beatrice Egli Show.  Attention: embargo period for content and photos up to and including Sunday...

Howard Carpendale creates a good atmosphere.Image: SWR/Manfred H. Vogel

In a recent incident, however, he himself got off lightly. Mads ran up to him and then said: “Cool outfit,” he reported. He admitted that he wondered where such a statement from a five-year-old could come from.

Curious moment with the Esteriore Brothers

What would a hit show be without a nice cringe moment? The Esteriore Brothers took care of that for Beatrice Egli on Saturday. Egli discovered the four siblings from Italy, who make music together, on social media, as she said. In the studio they celebrated their first major appearance on a television stage. The four of them – how could it be otherwise – arrived with Grandma in tow. While the men in pinstripe suits with gelled hair performed a medley of Italian hits, the old lady and Egli cheered along from the sofa.

ARD/SWR THE BEATRICE EGLI SHOW, on Saturday (11.11.23) at 8:15 p.m. on the ERSTEN.  The Esteriore Brothers are guests on the Beatrice egli Show.  Attention: embargo period for content and photos up to and including Sun...

The Esteriore Brothers bring their grandma on stage.Image: SWR/Manfred H. Vogel

The potential for foreign embarrassment came to mind when all four brothers walked up to their grandma one after the other, singing, to greet her with a kiss. Cringe or not, the Italian seemed to have enjoyed her visit to the show. She said goodbye to Egli with a particularly loud “Ciao”. Meanwhile, Egli was sure that she would see Esteriores again soon.

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