First National: Ferro tied with Almirante Brown in the Reduced | In addition, Temperley beat Maipú in the first leg of the quarterfinals

Ferro rescued a 1-1 draw this Sunday location in front of Almirante Brown (who lost the final for the first promotion against Independiente Rivadavia), due to the duel of ida of the quarter finals of the Reduced from First National. The rematch will be played next week, at the Fragata Presidente Sarmiento stadium.

Caballito’s team dominated in the first half and he had the most dangerous chances: a shot from Palacio and a header from Arena. On their side, Isidro Casanova’s team warned with a header from Vázquez that goalkeeper Miño deflected.

Almirante Brown managed to take the lead at the start of the complement. At the minute, Nazarene Bazán Vera connected with a header after a free kick and opened the scoreboard. From then on, the duel was even. The visitor was close to scoring the second with a cross shot from Rivero that went just wide and with a free kick that, incredibly, bounced off Moreno on the line when it was intended for a goal.

But Jorge Cordon’s team reached a tie ten minutes from the end with a bomb from the admitted Claudio Mosca. Everything ended 1-1 and the series is still open.

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A little before, Temperley beat him 2-1 deservedly in their stadium to Deportivo Maipúat the meeting of ida for the quarter finals of the Reduced for the second promotion of the First National.

Facundo Krüger and Rodrigo Mazur scored for Gasolero, Santiago González scored for Deportivo Maipúall in the second stage of the meeting that took place this Sunday at the Alfredo Beranger stadium in the Buenos Aires town of Turdera.

He comparison revenge will be played next week in Mendoza and Temperley will advance phase winning or drawing; while Maipú will reach the semifinal if it wins by one goal Of diference, because it has a sporting advantage for having obtained a better position in the general tournament table.

The first half showed Temperley with the need to win to have an advantage in the rematch in Mendoza; that’s why He handled the ball and had control of actions, but without much depth.

Around 35 minutes he had a very clear situation to open the scoring, when Krüger shot low at the entrance to the large area and goalkeeper Juan Pablo Cozzoni sent the ball to the corner with a lot of effort.

The final part began with the same characteristics and Temperley took the lead with Krügerwhat did it mark after hitting a spectacular left foot into the corner before the goalkeeper’s flight, who did nothing to prevent the opening of the scoreboard. Shortly after, the local team extended the lead after a corner kick and Mazur’s accurate header.

It seemed that it was complicated for Maipubut was able to score after a very good definition from Gonzálezentering the area.

The discount once again accommodated the Botellerowhich no longer had so many surprises and reached the end with a tight defeat which allows you to wait more confidently for revenge.

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