Finetwork anticipates Black Friday with these cheap offers

The purple operator does not wait for Black Friday to launch its offers.

Finetwork anticipates Black Friday with these cheap offers
These are the offers that Finetwork launches for Black Friday

Although Black Friday takes place on November 24, few companies wait for that date to launch their offers. One of those anticipating the event is Finetwork, which has launched 2: one that combines 300 Mb fiber and 10 GB mobile lineand another exclusively mobile with 24 GB of data and unlimited calls.

300 Mb fiber and 10 GB mobile

The first includes 300 Mb fiber with a 10 GB mobile line that has unlimited calls. It costs 24.90 euros per month forever, its usual price is 29.90 euros. If you are interested, keep in mind that it will only be available for an unlimited time, presumably during dates close to Black Friday.

This is a great offer because although it does not give us a huge amount of fiber and its mobile line is small, the price is quite low. For example, the 300 Mb of fiber with 20 GB of Lowi, an offer that has recently been launched, costs 31.95 euros per month. Of course, this already includes a 5G connection, not like Finetwork, although 5G will arrive soon.

Finetwork anticipates Black Friday with these cheap offers

5G will soon arrive on Finetwork

Furthermore, it is even more tempting by allowing us hire additional lines from 3.90 euros per month. There are different capacities of additional lines, the cheapest costs 3.90 euros per month and offers 15 GB and unlimited calls. Therefore, this promotion is also perfect for homes.

Its stay is 3 months. If we leave the company before this deadline, we will be charged 96.30 euros for installation and equipment.

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Mobile phone with 24 GB for less than 10 euros

Finetwork’s second Black Friday offer is the 24 GB for 9.90 euros. Like the previous one, it will only be available for a limited time and is its final price.

Regarding its benefits, at the moment does not have 5G. Additionally, it includes Unlimited calls to national mobiles and landlines y 1000 free SMS. Unlike fiber and mobile, it lacks permanence.

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