Ferro and Almirante Brown tie 1 to 1 and the key is open

Ferro and Alte. Brown no differences were made in their match for key 1, held this Sunday at the Arquitecto Ricardo Etcheverry stadium.

With a goal from Nazareno Bazán, the visitors began to win at the beginning of the second half, however at 80 minutes of that stage Claudio Mosca achieved the tie for the local team.

The figure of the meeting was Claudio Mosca. Ferro’s midfielder stood out against Almirante Brown since he scored 1 goal.

Another of the key footballers in the Arquitecto Ricardo Etcheverry stadium was Nazareno Bazán. The Almirante Brown forward scored 1 goal.

The match had several reprimands: Patricio Boolsen, Jonathan Zacaría, Martín Batallini, Juan Manuel Vázquez and Christian Moreno.

Ferro’s coach, Jorge Cordon, had a 4-4-2 formation on the field with Marcelo Miño in goal; Hernán Grana, Nahuel Arena, Patricio Boolsen and Martín Rodríguez on the defensive line; Pablo Palacio, William Machado, Cristian Erbes and Gastón Moreyra in the middle; and Alexander Díaz and Jonathan Herrera in the attack.

For their part, those led by Darío Franco stood with a 4-4-2 strategy with Ramiro Martínez between the three sticks; Ulises Abreliano, David Ledesma, Alan Barrionuevo and Jonathan Zacaría in defense; Facundo Stable, Marcos Enrique, Juan Manuel Vázquez and Mariano Santiago in the midfield; and Martín Batallini and Nazareno Bazán up front.

The referee designated for the match was Yamil Possi.

With this result in the first leg for Argentina – First National Championship 2023 between Ferro and Alte. Brown, the key was left open. The series will be defined next Saturday, November 11.

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