Far-right influencer Vito Quiles arrested for pushing a police officer in Ferraz

The Police arrested Vito Quiles, a renowned far-right influencer and agitator, tonight during the protests in front of the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz. The communicator, accredited in Congress, has been arrested for disobedience and attack against authority after having pushed a National Police agent and urging the masses to break the police cordon that was holding the protesters on the sidewalk, according to reports. police sources to elDiario.es.

The communicator, known for his controversial interventions and his questions before socialist deputies, has been arrested in a protest that brought together around a thousand protesters last night.

The next morning

Vito Quiles, after spending the night in the dungeon

This morning he was released after the altercations on Monday night. In a video published by himself after leaving the cell in which he spent the night, Quiles argues how, from his point of view, he was detained selectively and without ever incurring a legal irregularity, stating that he did not broke the police cordon.

Quiles directly and explicitly accuses the Government: “I have been a victim of illegal detention and I hold the Ministry of the Interior responsible.” Furthermore, he suggests that this practice is not common in a democratic state, alluding to the “dictatorship that Spain is experiencing with Sánchez in office.”

In the video, almost three minutes long, he assures that at no time did he break the law, while he accuses the “partners of the Government”—the “amnestied”—of having done so. “Wake up, damn it! We are in a fucking dictatorship. Everyone to Ferraz, don’t shut us up, don’t intimidate us,” the far-right concludes his protest about what happened.

Last night’s protest was controlled by the Police in a special way. Supposedly, no notice was given that the concentration was going to exist and the relevant authority was not informed, so the agents allowed the roads, for the first time since Ferraz’s night shifts began, to be open to traffic.

Attendees could not invade the road and had to remain on the road under the watchful eye of the agents controlling the demonstration, while cars and motorcycles with Spanish flags circulated at the intersection of Ferraz and Marqués de Urquijo streets. He urged them to break that security and, after struggling with an agent, he was detained.


The detained Vito Quiles in front of Congress

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