Family advisor to “Okaz”: Protecting a child’s behavior from deviance is a family and educational duty

The family and educational advisor, Dr. Misfer Al-Mulais, stressed to “Okaz” the importance of taking health measures to prevent, God willing, from intellectual and behavioral deviations in children before they fall into them, and the necessity of providing preventive services by the family and the school through activities and assistance in changing bad behavioral patterns and activating the preventive role in schools.

Al-Malis pointed out that activating the deterrent punishment against anyone who targets children with visual or printed content or other content that may destroy the child’s morals and behavior is a decision that generally aims to protect the child from all forms of abuse and neglect and their manifestations that he may be exposed to in the environment surrounding him, whether it occurs. This is from a person who has guardianship, authority or responsibility over the child, or is related to him in any way.

Al-Malis added that one of the most important roles of the family is to reinforce many behaviors in oneself, such as praising the child if he informs his parents and family of what he is exposed to, ensuring that he does not submit to the requests of a stranger or blackmailer, and changing the passwords for all accounts that the child uses, in addition to ensuring that Spending a friendly session with the child by his family to review what happened to him and to avoid repeating it in the future, as well as the importance of educating the child about the safe use of the Internet, the importance of protecting privacy in social media programs, methods of dealing with strangers, and staying away from all content that might affect his thought and morals.

It is noteworthy that the Public Prosecution affirmed the prohibition of producing, publishing, circulating, displaying, or possessing any printed, visual, or audio work directed at a child that addresses his instincts or stimulates them in a way that embellishes in him behavior that is contrary to the provisions of Islamic Sharia, public order, or public morals, or that would encourage him to deviate. Behavioral or intellectual.

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