Faisal Khorshid reveals the date of Laila Siddiq’s funeral

09:42 PM

Monday 06 November 2023

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:
Artist Faisal Khorshid revealed the date of the funeral for writer Laila Siddiq, ex-wife of artist Medhat Saleh, who passed away on Monday morning after her health condition deteriorated.

“Khurshid” published a post on his official Facebook account, in which he revealed the date of the funeral, saying: “God willing, the funeral of Laila Siddiq will take place on Wednesday at the Police Mosque in October, from five o’clock to nine o’clock, Al-Wahhab Hall.”

The news of the death was announced by the writer and screenwriter Abdel Rahim Kamal on his official Facebook account, saying: “The honorable, friendly, and precious lady, the daughter of the greats, Laila Youssef Siddiq, has died. The honorable and beloved daughter of the great fighter, Al-Hanim, Sett Al-Hawanem, has died.”

Laila Siddiq suffered from a health problem during the recent period, and her friends and followers asked to pray for her through their various accounts on social networking sites.

A large number of stars and filmmakers were keen to mourn the writer, Laila Siddiq, including director Khaled Youssef, who expressed his sadness on his Facebook page, saying: “My pure lifelong friend, Laila Siddiq, has passed away. With your departure, Laila, the most beautiful days go with you, and the most precious memories remain after you, and we will always talk about them.” About your good conduct and noble stances, my heart is with you, Hania, and strengthen your tricks, Adham.

The late writer Laila Siddiq, whose daughter is Al-Bakbashi Youssef Al-Siddiq, is one of the Free Officers. She is the ex-wife of the great singer Medhat Saleh, and the mother of Hania and Adham Medhat Saleh.

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