Extensive interaction with a child who was bullied by her teacher

Social media pioneers reacted to a touching video clip of a girl crying profusely after being bullied by a teacher at her school, after she said that she dreams of becoming a dentist.

The circulating clip witnessed widespread interaction from social media pioneers. As the little girl was telling her story, the teacher asked the students about their future dreams, and the girl said that she wanted to become a dentist.

Artist Fayez Al-Maliki said on his Twitter account: “I wish you could guide me to the girl’s family and ask the Almighty to avenge her sooner than later. As a matter of societal responsibility, I hope any dental clinic will undertake to follow up on her condition.”

The child explained that the teacher surprised her with her response; She bullied her with a sarcastic laugh, saying: “How can you become a dentist when your teeth are broken?” causing the child to burst into tears.

Hundreds of people expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with the teacher’s reaction to the girl on the social networking site, demanding that an immediate and rapid response be taken against these actions that expose children to psychological fatigue from a young age.

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