Eurnekian on Milei: “I have 3,700 employees in my company and one failed” | The far-right candidate’s response to his former boss

Businessman Eduardo Eurnekian criticized the candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Javier Milei, who years ago worked as an employee in one of his companies. “I have 3,700 people who work for the company. One failed, what do you want me to do?”he said this Wednesday when asked about the far-right.

Eurnekian made these statements to the press at the door of the Alvear Hotel, before entering a meeting organized by the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production (Cicyp)where Milei spoke in front of the main businessmen of the industry and the agricultural sector of Argentina.

There the journalists asked Eurnekian why he believed that it was “regardless of having worked” in his companies and cited the case of Milei, with whom he had recently had a series of disputes. “I have 3,700 people who work for the company. One failed, what do you want me to do?” He responded, laughing.

Then, in statements to Telamthe owner of Corporación América, the holding company that includes Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 among its main assets, clarified that he used the word “failed” without a negative connotation. “Someone can fail, in the sense of an exception to the rule and seek the presidency”he explained.

At the end of the Cicyp meeting, Milei was asked by journalists about Eurnekian’s statements. “You’re right, I left the private sector to… I think it’s a funny joke“He simply responded, with a nervous smile.

Criticism of Milei

This is not the first time that Eurnekian has targeted the libertarian. One of the last criticisms he dedicated to him was in September, when he stated that Milei “is not up to the task of judging or giving his opinion on Pope Francis,” whom the libertarian candidate offended on different occasions.

Your opinions are totally off base; (Milei) is not up to the task of judging the Pope, nor of giving his opinionnor to give a guideline of what attitudes the Pope should assume, from any point of view,” Eurnekian stated in an interview he gave to Radio Profile.

On that occasion, the owner of Corporación América denied maintaining labor ties with the current libertarian leader.

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