“Emirates Vision” stimulates engagement in skilled jobs

The UAE Vision Jobs Exhibition concluded its current edition for the year 2023, which was held over 3 days at the Dubai World Trade Center, with the participation of more than 100 governmental and semi-governmental entities and private sector institutions. The exhibition witnessed a large turnout by job seekers who flocked in large numbers to the entities’ platforms. On the sidelines of the exhibition, a number of government and private agencies organized introductory workshops and accompanying events related to employment with the aim of raising the level of awareness among job seekers, attracting them to the jobs offered, and encouraging them to engage in skilled jobs without focusing on the beginning of the career path. On salary and working hours, which are considered the biggest challenge in the process of accepting some jobs, and some of the participating parties, especially from private sector institutions, were keen to present the success stories of citizens who were present on companies’ platforms and receiving job seekers and narrating to them their inspiring experiences with the aim of consolidating positive ideas in Their minds are off working in the private sector.

On the third and closing day of the exhibition, the Dubai Government platform at the UAE Jobs Vision 2023 exhibition, which was supervised by the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, witnessed many activities and events, as the 22 government agencies participating within the Dubai Government platform at the exhibition, numbering 22 entities, continued to conduct employment interviews with job seekers. Employed by young Emirati men and women, it provided about 469 job vacancies for citizens, and also introduced visitors to the platform to the training opportunities it provides for Emirati people to hone their skills.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority participated in the Emirates Vision Jobs Exhibition, the leading employment, skills development and communication platform to empower Emirati youth. Through its participating platform, the Authority reviewed a package of its most prominent programs and initiatives aimed at attracting and empowering national competencies and talents and supporting Emiratisation efforts in the country, by providing job opportunities. For Emirati citizens and enhancing the capabilities and skills of Emirati youth, which helps them compete in the labor market.


His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, said: “We are working to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, to invest in people and raise Emiratization rates, and we are keen to Every year, we participate in the UAE Vision Jobs Exhibition, which is an ideal platform for communicating with job seekers, recent graduates, and students, based on our strategy to nurture, empower, and attract qualified nationals, graduates, and students to prepare them to take the reins of leadership in various fields related to the energy and water sectors.”

His Excellency added: We are keen to maintain the authority’s position as one of the largest government institutions that attract citizens in the UAE, as we employ, qualify and develop national cadres, empower them with the latest technologies, tools and future skills, motivate them to continue learning and excellence, and prepare them to be the next generation of sustainability leaders who will continue to enhance DEWA has a long record of achievements and gains within the framework of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the Carbon Neutrality Strategy 2050 for the Emirate of Dubai to provide 100% of energy production capacity from clean energy sources by the year 2050.


On the closing day, the Dubai Government stand at the UAE Jobs Vision 2023 exhibition was visited by Dr. Abdullah Al Karam, Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, and Dr. Ali bin Sebaa Al Marri, CEO of the Mohammed bin Rashid College of Government, where they were briefed by Abdullah bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Human Resources Department. The Government of Dubai, for the job and training opportunities provided by government agencies participating in the Dubai Government platform, and the efforts of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department to attract Emirati talent and qualify them to lead future government work.


For his part, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, said that the UAE Jobs Vision 2023 exhibition provided an opportunity to learn about Emirati talent and exchange ideas and visions between participants and visitors to the exhibition, especially about the jobs of the future and the specializations that the people of the Emirates aspire to study and acquire experiences and skills. In which.

He added that the Dubai Government platform at the exhibition witnessed a turnout that exceeded expectations, especially from male and female students, whose attendance was distinguished and their participation was effective, as they presented many ideas and proposals that will have an important impact on planning and developing strategies for the future of human resources in the UAE.

Abdullah Al Falasi renewed his call on young Emiratis to make efforts to develop their skills and invest in the opportunities available for further learning, training and excellence in the labor market.


The Dubai Government Human Resources Department allocated a special “stand” within the Dubai Government platform at the UAE Vision 2023 Careers Exhibition to receive job seekers of people of determination, and called it the Inclusive Employment Office. The office received 12 people of determination looking for work and they submitted their CVs to be studied.


The Dubai Government Human Resources Department provided the opportunity for job-seeking citizens, during the UAE Vision Jobs Exhibition, to conduct an assessment of behavioral competencies, through an electronic program provided by the department for those wishing to identify their competencies, as 12 citizens benefited from it during the days of the exhibition.

It also provided a flexibility questionnaire for job seekers to learn about their flexibility in dealing with others and withstanding work pressures, as 30 Emiratis who visited the Dubai Government platform at the UAE Jobs Vision 2023 exhibition benefited from it.

About 500 high school students and university graduates participated in the “Design Your Future Career” project, which was launched by the Dubai Government Human Resources Department in cooperation with the Dubai Youth Council, on the sidelines of the current session of the UAE Vision 2023 Careers Exhibition, and these students set a timeline for their future careers from the year. From 2023 to 2037, they designed their future careers, wrote down their ambitions and imagined what they would be like in the coming years.

The aspirations of the people of the Emirates in the future focused on engineering, medical, space and artificial intelligence jobs.


Through the “Design Your Future Career” project, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department aims to obtain information that enables decision-makers to develop strategies and plans for future jobs and specializations that suit the aspirations of Emirati youth. At the conclusion of the exhibition, Abdullah Al Falasi honored the government agencies participating in the Dubai Government platform.

At the end of the exhibition days, researchers called for increasing the number of days of the UAE Vision Jobs Exhibition and increasing the number of participating entities, to open the way for school and university students, especially those in their first year, to learn about the type of jobs offered.

Ali Saeed, a job seeker, said that the current session of the employment fair reflected the extent of awareness reached by the job seeker, who has begun turning to private sector institutions, especially those that have been distinguished over the past years by employing and qualifying national staff due to the establishment of a positive image of these institutions that provide opportunities. Development and vacancies for those interested.

Abdullah Rashid, a job seeker, pointed out the importance of providing a database of visitors to the exhibition and classifying them according to academic qualifications and the jobs they wish to join, in addition to the numbers of employees wishing to change their jobs and move to other jobs, and paving the way for school and university students to visit such exhibitions because of their benefits. It has an impact on creating a positive image about types of jobs and work environments.

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