Emirates Flat Glass Panels enhances the country’s potential in the field of solar energy

Emirates Float Glass Company, the global float glass company wholly owned by Dubai Investments and a major player in the region in the flat and reflective glass sector for architectural applications, has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation, sustainability and industrial collaboration through its position as a strategic partner. At the World Glass Exhibition 2023, which was held at Conrad Abu Dhabi on the 6th and 7th of September 2023.

This strategic participation reflects Emirates Float Glass Company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries and horizons of innovation. The company has succeeded in strengthening its position as a supportive element for the provision of sustainable and renewable energy, as it is the only producer of solar glass coated with two layers of silver in the UAE.

During his participation in the dialogue session on the sidelines of the World Glass Exhibition 2023, which focused on how to benefit from cooperation efforts and international partnership relations to achieve sectoral growth, Salim Reda, General Manager of the Emirates Flat Glass Company, said: “The wide-ranging glass products provided by the Emirates Sheet Company meet Flat glass meets the needs of a wide range of projects in the UAE and at the international level, and allows the solar glass coated with two layers of silver, which is manufactured exclusively in the factory of the Emirates Flat Glass Company, which contributes to reducing the energy required, in addition to forming a clear indication of the commitment The company is committed to contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly future for the United Arab Emirates. As the architectural landscape evolves, the demand for visually distinctive, environmentally conscious designs continues to rise. Emirates Flat Glass Company is keen to manufacture many types of low-emissivity glass, and to provide innovative and high-quality glass solutions, to support many sectors, including the architecture, automotive and energy sectors, in addition to other sectors.

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