“Electricity Control” besieges singles’ housing in “Hawalli” and “Jahra”

Darren Al-Ali

The Judicial Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Electricity and Water carried out a wide campaign in the Hawalli and Jahra governorates targeting the infringements on the electricity and water networks. The deputy head of the team, Ahmed Al-Shammari, said that the campaign targeted specifically the singles’ homes in Hawalli Governorate, where several reports were received of the re-establishment of the violating connections, which the ministry’s teams had previously disconnected from the network, which necessitated the implementation of reports and the re-cutting of the current. He pointed out that the campaign extended to the Jahra Governorate, where a large number of cases of tampering with water meters were monitored, and the necessary measures were taken and violators were referred to the Special Law Enforcement Committee.

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