El-Gamal announces the Ismaili list for the Stars match in the Egypt Cup

El-Gamal announces the Ismaili list for the Stars match in the Egypt Cup

Ismaili team

The coaching staff of the Ismaili club’s first football team announced the list of dervishes for the Stars team match, which is scheduled to be held tomorrow, in the Egypt Cup championship.

The Ismaili list for the Stars match, which was announced by coach Hamza El-Gamal, came as follows:

Yesterday evening, the first football team of the Ismaili Club played its session at the main stadium in Ismailia Stadium, in preparation for meeting the future stars next Wednesday at Ismailia Stadium in the Egypt Cup championship.

The day before yesterday, Al-Ismaili defeated Haras Al-Hodood with a goal to none, and its score rose to 32 points, in eleventh place.

Yesterday, Monday, the technical staff was keen to meet with the players to urge them to close the page of yesterday’s match and focus on the upcoming matches. The players who participated in the match performed light exercises, while the rest of the team members performed the training normally and started running exercises around the stadium, followed by a set of warm-ups.

The technical staff, led by Hamza El-Gamal, the coach of the team, divided the players into groups, and each group performed exercises on receiving and delivering in narrow spaces, moving without a ball, and ended the session with a long division in the middle of the field that stopped more than once in order to give technical instructions.

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