Egyptian Pilgrim: What I saw exceeded everything I heard

The Egyptian pilgrim Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad, who came for Hajj for the first time, expressed his happiness with the hospitality accorded to the pilgrims of the Holy House of God in Medina.

Hajj Muhammad, who arrived in Madinah two days ago, recounts that since he entered the Prophet’s Mosque, he witnessed the hospitality, beginning with the distribution of water to the pilgrims, the distribution of the Iftar package for those fasting the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, and the rush of people to the pilgrims leaving the Prophet’s Mosque to the Quba Mosque, via the Sunnah Path. To serve them for free.

Hajj Muhammad reveals his sense of pride in being an Arab after he saw the true image of the Arabs in Medina; After the people of Medina competed to provide water, Medina dates, Saudi coffee, and hot and cold drinks to the pilgrims for free, hoping for their comfort and offering them hospitality, stressing that despite his visits to many countries, he did not witness a welcome for visitors anywhere like the one he saw in Medina. As if the visitor is a guest for every man he meets from the people of Medina, which he had heard about before his visit to Medina, and he was surprised that what he saw exceeded what he heard about hospitality.

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