EFG Hermes cooperates with Tadawul to review the most attractive investment opportunities in the Saudi market

The EFG Hermes Saudi Forum in London investment conference kicked off today in London under the title “The Search for Sustainable Growth.” The conference, which will be held over two days, in cooperation with Tadawul Saudi Arabia, will witness the presence of 375 guests, including representatives from more than 50 Saudi companies from various vital sectors, the Saudi Capital Market Authority, and the Public Investment Fund, along with more than 200 investors from more than 120 institutions. International Finance and a group of the most prominent fund managers around the world.

This conference, after returning to London for the first time since 2019, due to the Covid pandemic, focuses on the promising investment components that are unique to the Saudi economy in particular. The conference also witnesses the participation of a group of the most prominent guests, headed by His Excellency Mr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Quwaiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority. The Saudi Stock Exchange, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Rumaih, Executive Director of Saudi Tadawul. Mr. Karim Awad, CEO of EFG Holding Group, will also participate in the conference, in addition to Mr. Mohammed Obaid, Co-CEO of EFG Hermes, and Mr. Saud Al-Tasan, CEO of EFG. Hermes in Saudi Arabia.

In this context, Mohammed Obaid, Co-CEO of EFG Hermes, expressed his pleasure in organizing the “EFG Hermes Saudi Forum in London” investment conference, which serves as a platform to showcase investment opportunities in the Saudi market that are supported by the diversity of economic sectors, as well as the transformation initiatives that… It was launched by the government to develop the financial sector within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Obaid added that the conference provides a unique opportunity to strengthen ties and provide a direct link between companies listed in the Saudi market and investors in emerging markets, which reflects the major role that EFG Hermes plays in supporting economic growth. In the Kingdom and developing the capital market. Obaid pointed out that the Saudi market is the sixth largest market in terms of market capitalization in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, but it does not receive much attention among emerging market investors, stressing that this conference reflects EFG Hermes’ confidence in the rapidly growing Saudi market, as well as its commitment It aims to provide opportunities for investors in emerging markets, within the framework of the ambitious strategy it adopts to promote sustainable economic development.

It should be noted that the Saudi market is one of the largest stock markets in emerging markets in terms of market capitalization, with the market value reaching more than 3 trillion US dollars by the end of September 2023. The market has also attracted increasing foreign inflows since its inclusion in major global indices such as the MSCI index. for emerging markets during the year 2019, and the FTSE Russell index for emerging markets during the year 2018. In addition, the Saudi market serves as a gateway to investment in a variety of economic sectors that are currently reaping the fruits of the efforts made by the Kingdom in terms of diversifying the sources of its national economy, as well as conducting many Strategic reforms within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. It is noteworthy that the Kingdom has succeeded in becoming a global investment platform, as well as attracting investors from all over the world, thanks to its ability to overcome various challenges that hang over the global economic scene, as the shares of Saudi companies enjoy an attractive valuation. And strong profit distribution compared to its counterparts on the regional and global arenas. The investment conference looks forward to maximizing the benefit of these advantages, and shedding more light on the tremendous capabilities that are unique to the Kingdom in many sectors such as finance, technology, energy, infrastructure, tourism, and others.

On the other hand, Mohammed Al-Rumaih, Executive Director of Saudi Tadawul, stated that participation in the activities of this conference reflects the growing interest on the part of international investors in the Saudi financial market, and also confirms the renewed commitment of the Saudi financial market management to developing a technologically advanced financial market, within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. And its program for developing the financial sector. Al-Rumaih indicated that the Saudi financial market is moving forward with further regulatory reforms, market infrastructure and services provided to investors, as well as his commitment to providing a global platform for investors and companies looking to seize various investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Rumaih added that cooperation with the most prominent strategic partners such as EFG Hermes represents an integral part of the strategy adopted by the Saudi financial market to enhance liquidity in the market and attract the interest of more global investors.

It is worth noting that the conference will provide a platform for companies to showcase their projects and initiatives that pave the way for pumping more investments and providing innovative services. It will also give investors the opportunity to explore potential aspects of cooperation, establish strategic partnerships, and learn directly about the investment climate within the Kingdom. This conference comes within a series of the most prominent investment conferences that EFG Hermes has succeeded in organizing and hosting, in order to provide a link between global investors and leading companies in emerging and frontier markets, as it has hosted more than 30 conferences across four different continents since 2007. In In March 2023, the company organized the “EFG Hermes One-on-One” investment conference, with the participation of 179 companies operating in various vital sectors from 29 countries, who held direct meetings with 561 prominent international investors and fund managers, representing 247 financial institutions.

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