“Education”: Muharram 14, the date for announcing the names of candidates for educational positions

The Ministry of Education announced that the names of the candidates for interviews to fill educational positions will be announced on Tuesday, Muharram 14, 1445, corresponding to August 1, 2023, noting that submission will begin the day after tomorrow (Tuesday) Muharram 7, corresponding to July 25, at 9 am, and will continue until next Sunday, Muharram 12, corresponding to July 30, at 11 pm.

The Ministry had announced the opening of applications for 11,551 educational vacancies for both sexes, for the academic year 1445, in the specializations (mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, English, computer, management) in 47 education departments under the contract system, through the unified national platform for employment. “walls”.

The conditions, requirements and application mechanism can be viewed through the “Okaz” news published last Thursday, July 20, under the title “Okaz”.Education: Applications open for 11,551 educational jobs for the academic year 1445».

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