Dutch Ajax announces an investigation into the Croatian Borna Sosa deal

Dutch Ajax announces an investigation into the Croatian Borna Sosa deal

Ajax Club in Amsterdam

The Dutch football club Ajax Amsterdam announced today, Wednesday, an investigation into the team’s sporting director, Sven Mislintat, regarding a possible conflict of interest in the contract deal with Croatian player Borna Sousa.

Millsentat owns a stake in Match Metrics, which specializes in data analysis in football, while player agency AKA owns a stake in Match Metrics.

AKA was involved in the transfer of Sosa from Stuttgart, Germany, to Ajax for 8 million euros ($8.5 million).

The Dutch NOS channel revealed the incident, while Ajax confirmed that it had been informed of the matter.

Ajax said that Mislintat told them about his partnership with Match Metrics when he signed with the club, but the club was not aware that AKA was a shareholder in the same company.

The Dutch club added: “With the confirmation of AKA’s role in signing a player who joined us this summer, the club decided to take the step of reconsidering the way the deal was concluded.”

Ajax continued: “There will be an extensive and independent investigation by an accountant, and Mislintat will cooperate in the investigation by sharing all documents and papers related to the matter.”

Mislintat is subjected to many criticisms at Ajax due to his contracting policies, after a bad start for the team, as Ajax scored five points from four matches, while nearly ten players were contracted for 100 million euros, while the club sold players worth 150 million euros this summer.

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