Duet Impossible: Beatrice Egli revives children’s song by Udo Jürgens

Almost nine years have now passed since the death of pop legend Udo Jürgens, but on Saturday evening Beatrice Egli revived the singer in an emotional “duet impossible”, at least for a few moments.

The singer and entertainer sang a new song by the Austrian singer in her show: “A child is a child”. It was only this year that an album with his most beautiful children’s songs, “The flowers bloom the same everywhere”, was released. The singer was supported in her performance by the children’s choir “Friedrichshainer Spatzen”. A TV moment full of heart and feeling.

“Music was the most important thing to him.”

Before the performance, Beatrice spoke to Udo Jürgens’ Companion Pepe Lienhard. He accompanied Udo Jürgens on his tours as a saxophonist, arranger and, last but not least, as a friend.

A real and beautiful male friendship developed. We were able to talk about everything.

Pepe Lienhard

Udo had a wide range of interests, said the 77-year-old, but music was always the most important thing to him. That’s exactly why there will be an extraordinary tour in his honor next year. In 2024, the year of the tenth anniversary of his death, Pepe Lienhard will revive the music of Udo Jürgens together with his orchestra. The exceptional singer will be seen on a large LED wall – just like when he appeared with Beatrice.

The extraordinary duet and the talk with Pepe Lienhard can be seen again in the show ARD media library.

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