#DubaiDestination campaign is launching in its new season

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, the #Dubai_Destinations campaign is launched today in its new summer season, organized by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai Government Media Office, to provide citizens, residents and visitors with information that enables them to start a holiday A unique summer in Dubai.

The campaign seeks to introduce the important attractions in Dubai and the events and activities it includes during the summer season, with the aim of informing the Dubai community and visitors from inside and outside the country about the various places and destinations that can be visited during the next few months, through interactive and attractive stories that shed more light on the most prominent Attractions in the emirate during the summer holidays.

The current season of #Dubai_Destinations, which will continue until the end of next August, provides an opportunity to learn about the best experiences in Dubai in the summer and its distinctive destinations, which range from beach destinations, exciting water parks and swimming pools with its various views, in addition to the many activities held in covered places. across Dubai.

The best city

On the occasion of the start of the summer season of the campaign, Mona Ghanem Al-Marri, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council, Director General of the Dubai Government Media Office, said: “Inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him. To transform the emirate into the best city in the world to live and visit, the #DubaiDestination campaign continues to highlight Dubai’s diverse options and exceptional experiences for its visitors from within the country and from around the world.

Through creative interactive content, the campaign highlights the destinations that attract visitors during the summer, and the various tourist facilities and activities they offer that suit all family members, to meet their aspirations for a distinguished vacation.

For her part, Shaima Al Suwaidi, Brand Dubai Manager, said: The #DubaiDestination campaign is an invitation to residents and visitors to explore the most attractive summer destinations in Dubai. We thank the Brand Dubai partners for the success of the successive versions of the campaign, whether from government agencies or the private sector, and we also do not fail to thank all media professionals and content makers who share our goal of highlighting the various options that Dubai offers to its residents and visitors from around the world to spend a happy and special summer vacation.

Regarding the content of the campaign, Shaima Al-Suwaidi explained that “Dubai’s destinations” this summer are characterized by diversity in terms of the content provided and the means of presenting it through many ways that ensure that it reaches the largest possible segment of the emirate’s residents and visitors, including a series of interactive guides and video clips that highlight The various summer attractions in Dubai, which are broadcasted through various social media platforms, as well as through outdoor advertisements in various regions and neighborhoods of Dubai, especially those that witness a large number of visitors, to ensure that they are widely spread in society.

The interactive guides issued by Brand Dubai within the framework of the campaign provide valuable information about the distinguished summer experiences in Dubai, starting from summer camps for children and passing through various activities and water games that suit all age groups, as well as various and attractive accommodation options, and the latest recreational attractions, and what is meant Explore the best destinations in Dubai during the summer season.

The campaign also includes introducing the covered destinations and the services they provide, such as shopping centers, restaurants, game areas, indoor sports activities, and amusement parks, in addition to highlighting the most famous local restaurants in Dubai from members of the “With Proud of Dubai” initiative, which was launched by Brand Dubai to stimulate leadership. Business and encourage small and emerging projects to grow, by introducing the distinguished products they offer, and seeking to include them in the major events hosted by Dubai throughout the year.

The content of the “Dubai Destinations” campaign is prepared through cooperation with a number of the most distinguished creators in Dubai, including influencers, photographers and digital content makers, in order to provide attractive and useful content about the many entertainment destinations that make Dubai the most suitable choice for an unforgettable summer vacation.

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