Dubai Municipality examines 518 food samples during the Global Village season

Dubai Municipality announced that its mobile laboratory for food testing carried out 2072 examinations and analyzes of 518 food samples during the Global Village season between October and April, with the aim of ensuring the quality and safety of food products at the events sites held in the emirate.

And she stated that this comes within the framework of her efforts to ensure that products and foodstuffs conform to the standard specifications approved in the Emirate of Dubai, and her keenness to provide a safe health and food safety system, in a way that enhances the quality of life for Dubai residents and visitors alike.

The mobile laboratory for food testing employs modern, advanced and rapid technologies that help in carrying out microbiological examinations of foodstuffs, issuing rapid, high-accuracy results, in addition to ensuring that food products comply with approved specifications.

On the other hand, Dubai Municipality conducted, during the holy month of Ramadan, campaigns and monitoring and inspection tours to take samples of food products that are frequently circulated during Ramadan, as a major part of its tasks of continuous monitoring, analysis and examinations.

The campaigns aimed to ensure the best levels of food safety, public health and safety for all consumers in the emirate, and to reduce misleading and commercial fraud, in addition to educating consumers about the importance of viewing labels for packaged products, and communicating with the regulatory authorities in case of doubt.

Food safety campaigns focused on retail stores and sales outlets in commercial centers, which include dates, Ramadan juices, nuts and sweets, and some frozen and dairy products, as the offered Ramadan products were verified, and the quantities of pre-packaged packages in the emirate’s markets, and their conformity with the requirements of its technical regulations. .

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