Dubai Islamic supports the Faraj Fund with 5 million dirhams

Dubai Islamic Bank made a charitable contribution through its donation to the Faraj Fund of the Ministry of Interior in the amount of (5,000,000) five million as part of the “Farajat” initiative, which contributed to the release of (69) financially insolvent inmates and convicts in penal and correctional institutions at the state level, on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha blessed.

Khalil Dawood Badran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Faraj Fund affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the partners from Dubai Islamic Bank for their support of the continuous giving efforts in the Emirati community, stressing that the fund’s march continues to enhance symbiotic work and achieve its goals in helping families and inmates of penal and correctional institutions through initiatives. It provides and by strengthening partnerships with national institutions in an integrated work system aimed at enhancing the quality of life of the Emirati community.

For its part, Dubai Islamic Bank affirmed its keenness to continue community initiatives and support efforts for humanitarian and charitable work within the bank’s policy as a national institution keen to achieve social responsibility and its role in development and maintain the spirit of social harmony and cohesion, noting that the partnership with the Faraj Fund of the Ministry of Interior is a strategic partnership. It targets a segment of Emirati society, contributes to alleviating them and their families, and enhances their efforts to return to their society as productive individuals.

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