Domingo German Yankees is still looking for clarification from MLB on the sticky stuff

Even after being suspended for 10 games after being ejected for failing a sticky object check, Domingo German never received clarification from MLB or the umpires as to the fine line that exists between an acceptably sticky hand and a very sticky hand.

And while the right-hander tries to make sure he doesn’t cross that line, the German said he’ll be more deliberate with his use of the ropes than he was earlier this season.

“We’re probably going back to earlier years, where I used it way less,” the German said through translator Marlon Abreu before the Yankees beat the Padres, 10-7, in the Bronx. Summer is just around the corner, so [I will] Maybe it’s sweating a little more. Work up a sweat, get a better grip and that’s it.”

The German will return to the Yankees’ rotation for Monday’s opener in Seattle after being ejected before the fourth inning of the May 16 win in Toronto.

After three hitless rounds, the German was intercepted before taking the hill and found to be “the stickiest [hand] crew chief James Hoey told a pool reporter.

The German maintained that he only used rosin and sweat – not a foreign substance – to capture him.

“It’s uncomfortable because you don’t know exactly what is too much and what is permissible,” said Germain, who did not appeal the suspension.

This was his second adhesive scare of the season.

April was told to clean a hand that was sticky after he put rosin in the dugout.

The 30-year-old said he would continue to use rock rosin, both in the dugouts and on the mound, but he vowed to use an acceptable amount.

If there was any question about the acceptable amount, Aaron Boone said the dugout would be vigilant to check the German before taking the mound.

“We’re going to do it more, but we make sure we’re in good shape,” the Yankees manager said of the German, who has a 3.75 ERA in nine games.

The Yankees have played with a 25-man roster since the German was suspended and had to call up Randy Vasquez for a patchy start.

The Germans did not want to put the Yankees in such a predicament again.

“It is very difficult not to be here with my team and my colleagues,” said the German. “It is my responsibility. I put the team in a difficult position when they needed me to be here.”

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