Does the Iranian-Afghan escalation threaten the security of Russia and China?

The Russian newspaper “Izvestia” spoke about the consequences of the raging dispute between Iran and Afghanistan. In an editorial, she said: Afghanistan and Iran exchanged shelling in the border areas without causing casualties, and the two sides accused each other of escalation, as clashes occurred between the two countries before, but relations between them recently worsened over the water issue.

Vasily Ustanin-Golovnya, a researcher in the Near and Post-Soviet Department of the Institute of Scientific Information in Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, likened Afghanistan to a “powder keg” in Central Asia, a region located in the anti-Western resistance triangle between Russia, China and Iran.

He said that these countries are not satisfied with Western-centric globalization, and it would be very profitable to destabilize Central Asia through Afghanistan. That is, they are striking with one stone Russia, Iran and China. I am inclined to share the view that the United States, after withdrawing, left mountains of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan for some reason. There are reasons for this. He believed that the United States withdrew in an organized and systematic manner from Afghanistan, and the equipment was not thrown there at all, but rather left on purpose.

The researcher pointed out that in February 2020, a peace agreement was signed in Doha between the United States and the Taliban, which was attended, in addition to representatives of both sides, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and many other prominent politicians and diplomats.

He reported that, as a general rule, the signing of such agreements was accompanied by the conclusion of framework agreements that were not made public. The peace treaty indicated that within 14 months from the date of signing, US forces were supposed to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the Americans guaranteed non-interference in internal affairs. But legally, the United States at least had the possibility to service the materiel left there.

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