Does Newcastle include Ronaldo and Neymar? The team coach answers

Newcastle coach Eddie Howe confirmed that his team will have to reveal future stars before they make headlines, after he ruled out signing players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

And the British news agency “BA Media” stated that Newcastle found itself in the midst of speculation that it would conclude deals for huge sums since the Saudi-backed Amanda Staveley alliance completed the acquisition of the club in October 2021.

Newcastle – in which the Saudi Public Investment Fund owns 80% of its shares – spent more than 250 million pounds ($ 314 million) on new players in the last 3 transfer periods, but recently it was reported that the team would compete for the inclusion of Portuguese Ronaldo and Brazilian Neymar.

When asked about the possibility of the best players in the world playing for Newcastle one day, Howe – who cited the rules of fair financial play as a determining factor in the club’s plans to support him with players – said that “it is better that we discover them before they appear on the world stage.”

He added, “It is possible that we cannot afford the expenses of these players (i.e. Ronaldo and Neymar), as they are the best in the world.”

And he added, “We will not be in a position to bear the expenses of contracting them or paying their salaries, so we need to go to select less experienced players, by looking for them while they are young and developing them to become the players they can be.”

And after the team reached third place in the table, before facing Arsenal next Sunday, Howe knows that they will inevitably have to link up with the names of great players.

When asked about Ronaldo and Neymar, Howe said, “These kind of rumors have been around since the first day of the acquisition. Naturally, everyone assumed at the time that the big names in the world of football would go to Newcastle.

“Currently, we have not made these contracts. Financially, we cannot make such signings at the moment, but we also have to bring the right people and the right players into the group.”

He explained, “The transfer market is a very complicated decision, you cannot choose a name and bring it. We have to think a lot about what we are going to do, both from the financial side and in terms of searching for players.”

And he added, “These two players (Ronaldo and Neymar) are amazing. But we are associated with different names.

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