Djokovic after his defeat with Sinner: “It’s normal that they want to beat me”

Novak Djokovic (No. 1 in the ATP world ranking) fell on the second day of the ATP Finals compared to Jannik Sinner (N°4) and suffered his first defeat on the circuit after four months of being undefeated. And at a press conference, the Serbian spoke about what happened on the field.

“I think I learned that in some moments I have to be a little more decisive. I wasn’t today. It’s okay. Some you win, some you lose. Most of my career I was winning these types of matches. Some I lost, like tonight’s I don’t think I’ve done many things wrong in terms of my game. He (Sinner) was simply more determined and brave in the moments when he needed to be. “He made some amazing points, he played exactly the shots he needed,” said the world ranking leader.

Later he spoke about the public, who was not on the Balkan’s side for obvious local reasons: “It was what was expected. Obviously, being the only Italian in the tournament, playing in Italy, there was a great stir, a great emotion to play against your local audience. He’s in great shape. “It’s normal that the public wanted me to win.”

Finally, he referred to the hunger to defeat him that the new generations like Holger Rune, Carlos Alcaraz or Sinner himself have: “It’s normal that they want to beat me, I don’t think there’s anything strange about that. I was already experiencing this kind of feeling that every player is even more motivated to beat me wherever I play in the world. It’s okay. It’s normal to lose some games like this, but I have to content myself with the fighting spirit. I managed to come back from a set disadvantage. Today I played in really challenging and difficult conditions on the court. I am proud of the fight I gave. “It just wasn’t enough to win.”

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